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  1. I haven't purchased it from a local dealer the company is of China and I am from Pakistan and I think so that the lens or mirror placed in it is damaged and the rest is almost right the plastic is little bit melted and the lens of prism base is showing a blur image
  2. Yes that's it and it was damaged while I positioned it against sun without a solar filter which resulted in melting of plastic and damage of prism base lens
  3. Hello, Dear fellows, I am Talha and I am very new in using telescope unfortunately it seemed that I have damaged my upright prism base of jay and Jiehe cf50080 telescope and I don't know how to open it. I just need some help on how to open the 360• rotate able prism base of my telescope. I hope you will help me like you did before. I will be very thankful to you?
  4. Yes besides this there was another picture that shows the specified damaged area of scope
  5. Talha Mushtaq


  6. Yeah sure sir but I am unable to upload photo because of memory restriction but I have uploaded them in my album please check it there and suggest me the method to recover it
  7. Hey brother is that effected other parts of telescope rather than the lens of ocular please tell me because I have done a same thing what should I do to recover it I am having Jiehe cf50080 telescope and it seems it's lens of prism base is damaged.
  8. Hello, I need someone's help because I think the silicon or plastic coating of my F500 80 telescope has melted due to a stupidity and I want to open my telescope how to open that scope can someone help me ?
  9. Thanks everyone and thanks for the correction glow jet I hope we will have a great time together ?
  10. I am having a Jiehe CF 50080 astronomical telescope and I am new can someone tell me how distant I can see through it I am having k25mm and k9mm eyepiece stock with 3x Barlow lens so please tell me how distant I can see from it
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