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  1. Evening all - i have been looking at binoculars this evening - i wear glasses, will this be a problem???
  2. Thank you - thats all incredibly helpful. The smidge has moved on from November when i decided right enough is enough i must have a telescope. Im out every evening just watching the sky in the back garden and i want more. I dont desire (yet) glossy images, hell just looking at the moon from my back garden has me in awe, so to see that just a little closer would be amazing. Then comes the draw of wanting to see more and more of the sky. I am rather overwhelmed with all that is out there with regards to telescopes and thanks for the point about the scope being able to be used during the day - i hadnt really thought about the telescope not being as useable during the day. I think to start i need to learn how to search and track, join a class and learn some terminology. Thanks a lot for all your help as well would be good
  3. Thanks all for the lovely welcome. I would love to see the moon and beyond but for starters, babysteps. So moon, jupiter, learning how to search and focus. I need books and more knowledge to grow this fantastic hobby but for now i would like to spend £100 max. Initially it was £70, so ive added a smidge. I would also like it to be portable to take camping, holidays, park etc.. Are there generic lenses etc i can add to any telescope as i grow in confidence.?? Thanks again
  4. Hi, thanks for the advice. At first i thought i wanted one with a tripod, now im looking into a table top one. Funny enough i have been looking a dobsonian this evening. Just still looking and learning though. I want something to start and focus with and add to when i become more confident. I am buying to observe rather than photograph. http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00IOLZBXI?keywords=Dobsonian&qid=1453759329&ref_=sr_1_7&sr=8-7 ?? http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B007WRYAUK?keywords=Dobsonian&qid=1453759329&ref_=sr_1_5&sr=8-5 This one looks more like a toy? Thanks again
  5. Evening All I have been an avid sky watcher for years. It just fascinates me. I am now in a position to buy a telescope - what a minefield that is???? So i will spend as long as i can doing my homework to find the best budget telescope i can buy as an absolute beginer. Looking forward to chatting with you, and maybe getting a little advice too along the way. Thanks for having me
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