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  1. I should have added...........I used the default baud settings and didn’t run as administrator. Kevin.
  2. Dave, I’ve had the same experience. My problem was I didn’t download and install the whole Eqmod suite, I’m ok now. Kevin.
  3. OK i understand now. The problem was i hadn't installed the full EQmod system, it's all connecting now. Many thanks, Kevin.
  4. Thanks Alan, Plug/unplug confirms com4 and the port settings are default as you have listed them. Next......I will find out what baud rate and settings the mount needs. Kevin.
  5. Hi Julian, thanks for the reply. I can't seem to get to the setup you have, the attached is all i can see;
  6. Dave, I have gone through the same setup process as you and have the same problem..................it's driving me mad. Alan has a point, but i'm not sure if my com port is real? please see attached screenshot. Kevin.
  7. Hi, I've been trying to connect my laptop running PHD directly to my new Skywatcher EQ6 AZ via USB for some time now without success. I don't want to connect through the handset. The Lynx USB EQ direct cable, which came included with the mount, works fine if i use the synscan windows app on the laptop via the serial connection option. I don't use the wifi option. I have downloaded and installed the latest Ascom version and the latest version of Eqmod V2.09 I open the Ascom telescope chooser, select "Skywatcher", open "properties", click on the com port drop down bo
  8. Thanks Ian, I think I will raise the Yagi a little, and start working through that thread......... K.
  9. 115' from Co Durham seems to be 35' short of the Braves bearing..... K.
  10. Thanks Pippy, I forgot to mention the LNA. I also should have mentioned I'm only 2 miles from our local tv mast and get swamped by VHF radio broadcasts, I'm waiting delivery of an FM blocking filter which I hope will help. K.
  11. That's encouraging, If Graves can be received in County Durham I'm sure I will succeed eventually! I have learnt quite a bit about the dongle frequency stability, and regularly use the weak but readable gb3vhf ham vhf beacon you suggested to keep check on the frequency offset, mine is adjusted by 45ppm. The dongle is "always on" to try and keep the temperature stable. I thought mounting the Yagi horizontally would probably be best so I will leave it at that, but I'll play more with the direction, pointing east of Graves is interesting. Thanks. K.
  12. Thanks for your reply, I'm new to all this. I considered using the RTL SDR to power the coax, but I didn't fancy modifying and possibly messing up the RTL circuit board. I hope to also need the bias tee to power future additions..........I'm currently constructing a 3m dish for observing the 21cm hydrogen line emissions. The yagi is manually aimed south east towards Graves, so it could be a few degrees out, I have tried adjusting it many times. Yes I agree the 100' RG6 together with the connectors and mismatches etc is not ideal, but the LNA is next to the yagi and I would
  13. Hi all, Here in sEast Sussex I'v spent some time now trying to set up a meteor scatter receiver using the Graves Radar site in France, but so far without sucess. My set up is as follows; 5 element diamond yagi (2M ham band) about 5M above ground level (on roof of bungalow) 30-35 Metres of RG6 coax My home made Bias tee (Adams design) RTL SDR SDR# software. I can receive fm stations and ham conversations in the 2m band, but dont receive anything when tuned to the Graves frequency of 143.049Mhz. The yagi is horizontal, would mounting it verticaly be worth a try? O
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