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  1. Wow, what a shed load of welcomes, thanks! Rich
  2. Thanks for everyone's replies so far. If this is a big issue, can anyone comment on the above? Cheers Rich
  3. Hi I got a 150mm reflector on a CG-4 mount, I'm thinking about getting a DSLR. I've done some research and it's a toss up between the Cannon 450D and 1000D. (Any comments on the pros and cons of either of these are welcome.) My question is, will my scope set up be adequate for some of the nearer and brighter DSOs, like the Orion Nebula? I've seen Andromeda through my scope but it just looks like a cloudy blob. Will my set up get a better defined image with a DSLR plugged in? I'm just trying to find out what to expect? Cheers Rich
  4. Thanks for the kind words, most appreciated. I'm waiting for a Celestron NexImage Web Cam, might take a while now due to the postal strike. Hopefull a clear sky when it arrives. Cheers Rich
  5. Hi Being a noob here and can't wait to do a bit of showing off, here is my one and only astrophoto, taken with a Canon PowerShot 710 (point and shoot snappy) through the eyepiece of my 150mm reflector. It's in my album, here Stargazers Lounge - GalacticAccident's Albums Cheers Rich
  6. Thanks for the warm welcome. I've been getting to know the site this morning and I've just uploaded my one and only astrophoto taken of the moon by holding my snappy camera up to the eyepiece of my scope. It took about 15 shots before I got a goodun, I am pleasantly suprised with the result. Album is here http://stargazerslounge.com/members/galacticaccident-albums.html Rich
  7. GalacticAccident


    My first photos
  8. Thanks for all the replies. So quick too, great forum! Telescope is a Celestron 150mm reflector (Omni XLT) and has a focal length of 750mm. Appears the drive is worth having. Does anyone from FLO know if the single axis Skywatcher Drive for the EQ3-2 will work on the CG-4? Apart from saving me having to twiddle with the DEC slow motion control, (even then, once an object is found I hardly use the DEC control, if all is aligned properly, it's not needed) are there any advantages to a dual axis drive I may have overlooked? Is the dual axis drive worth the extra? If so, why? Cheers Rich
  9. I've been lazy and haven't read through the whole thread, can you tell me how I go about getting myself a pitch please? I imagine I'll be bringing along friend or two. Cheers Rich
  10. I'm a noob, can I come please? Rich
  11. Hi I've got a Celestron NexImage Web Cam on it's way, I have a CG4 Mount, and wonder if I strictly need a drive? I'm not too flush right now, so if I can do something with the web cam to keep me happy for a while, I'll hang back on this purchase. When/if I get a drive, how much of an advantage will it be? I've noticed that the drive available for my mount is a dual axis. Is this strictly necessary and is there a R/A only drive available for the mount? If so, where? Also thinking of getting a polar scope, I'm aware that polaris is not quite North, being just short of a degree out. Does a polar scope account for this in any way? How much does it matter? Cheers Rich
  12. Hi I recently purchased my first scope, a Celestron Omni EXT 150 on a CG-4 Mount. So far I am very pleased. With it I bought a Revelation Eyepiece and filter kit and glad I did. I want to get into astrophotography but finances prevent me going any further than a web cam right now. I've got a Celestron NexImage Solar System Imager on order and hoping for clear skies once it arrives. I got a ton of question about kit, so I'm off to the appropriate forums to pick your brains till it hurts. See you there. Rich
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