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Keith Roberts

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    Quadcopter videography, Sports Photography (usually my grandsons football) Red Wine, Family Times
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  1. Keith Roberts


    Hi Ken, welcome to SGL
  2. Hi Sam, welcome to SGL, you will find a wealth of help here.
  3. Keith Roberts


    Welcome, I am a newbie here myself, everyone have been very welcoming and helpful
  4. A warm welcome from Sunny (not) Devon
  5. Hello and welcome from the other end of the UK
  6. Hi all, just wanted to share, my setup (127) arrived an hour ago, went together like a dream, I apologise in advance for the next 6 months of cloudy skies! I am surprised at how heavy it is, I may have to rethink moving it in and outdoors, might need a shed. Also bought the 7ah power tank, nice design, lots of useful ports on it!
  7. I use one at work (for openreach) they are pretty robust, they were a bit sluggish, so we added extra ram and that made a big difference, as long as you are not multi tasking too many things, they are fine!
  8. I'm in Plymouth, just arrived on this site as an almost total newbie, had a 4.5 inch newt 40 years ago and had no idea how to set it up, just bought a skywatcher 127 goto and would be happy to meet some time!
  9. Just remembered the company that went bust was Ionica (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ionica_%28company%29)
  10. Welcome to the forum, I am a newbie myself and am delighted at how friendly (and knowledgeable) members are! but I am a bit further from Cambridge, about 300 miles in fact in Plymouth Devon, worked in Cambridgeshire a few years ago when the phone company (cannot remember the name but fed by radio) collapsed and we had to bring homes back to the BT network, loved working up there, never seen such flat countryside, we are used to hilly Dartmoor!
  11. Cheers guys, thanks for the welcome!
  12. Welcome to the forum, I am a newbie myself and am delighted at how friendly (and knowledgeable) members are! Do you mean Filed of View ??
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