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  1. Ah, Thanks Ray. Next chance I get i'll do the same and see if I can replicate it. Hope it isn't a faulty port but glad of your input!
  2. Has anyone had the mount 'hiccup' while slewing to alignment or calibration stars? This was quite weird. The motor seemed to 'stop' very briefly but then very quickly carried on. When I checked the star, all was as it should be (roughly in field of view) It has happened twice but doesn't seem to affect the alignment. Tracking has been fine. I'm pretty sure this was on the other side of the Meridian. I think I aligned 'Vega' and then 'Deneb' - the hiccup was adding 1st Calibration star. Weird... lol.. anyone?
  3. maybe even a tablet might work for guiding? That might be pushing it too far lol
  4. Ah i see, cheers Peter I'm quite liking the sound of this lightweight setup. Just wish I didn't have to use a laptop again... I used to control my C9.25 Advanced GT through Stellarium and Canon 650D with EOS remote shoot etc which was awsome! But more cables and setup time was a bit of a down side lol. I might have to look into getting one of those ultra lightweight netbooks. It' not like it has to be powerful and the batteries last a long time. Bonus! Now I use an intervalometer to take subs and I find it much quicker and easy to setup.
  5. Ah I see! Thanks Sonny, Yes that does seem worth while and just makes it all a bit easier. Awsome
  6. Thanks Sonny, that clears things up a bit for me. I'm not sure what Helical Focuser is, should I be looking for that? many thanks.
  7. ok Cheers Peter that seems a reasonably 'light' setup so I can't complain too much lol So this 50mm guidescope should work ok? Does the camera just thread onto via a 1 1/4" barrel? It looks to have the same shoe fitting as my finderscope. http://uk.telescope.com/catalog/product.jsp?productId=109903&utm_source=google&utm_medium=comparisonshopping&utm_campaign=UK-googlemerchant&gclid=CjwKEAiAyO_BBRDOgM-K8MGWpmYSJACePQ9CfCcF4efsg6ouMryTttew_PA6Jyr4C1Vf9hgWT3bmDRoC29zw_wcB
  8. Ok cheers, that camera seems reasonable - QHY5. I have no idea what guidescope to get? Does the scope have to be optically matched to the sensor size of the guide camera or is that not so important? Defo the smaller the better - it's only a little scope Thanks for your assistance!
  9. Hi Peter. Cheers I didn't know the altitude affected the exposure time. That's good to know! I'm not against guiding, i've been thinking about it but I don't really want more equipment to setup. Also I'm worried about buying the wrong thing. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/guide-cameras/skywatcher-synguider-autoguider.html - I believe this doesn't need a laptop which would be great. But does it work or is it another expensive toy? lol
  10. Hi All! #UPDATE# AVX problems. I've been using the new AVX mount over the last 2 weeks and it's been working well. At first i wasn't sure about the electronic noise but i'm not really noticing it when i'm outside. So far it has powered up each time without issue so i'm really pleased I wasn't sure if tracking accuracy was ok, but I can confirm that last night I managed to get 60 secs @ 585mm focal length (Explorer 130PDS with 0.9x coma corrector) without star trails. last week I struggled to get beyond 30 secs but i'm now happy that the mount is working as it should!
  11. This is Spot on Peter! I was struggling to get anymore than about 30 secs @ 585mm (130PDS) but after reading the manual carefully and doing the ASPA twice, I'm now hitting 60secs ish. Significant improvement Still not sure how to use the "Display Align" I may be reading it at incorrect times, but the error seems bigger now the mount is more accurately aligned lol? Must be something i'm not doing right.
  12. Yes I thought 2 mins was perhaps a bit ambitious lol! TBH i was quite happy getting 65 secs without star trails. I thought that was pretty good. I had to do ASPA but i think i only did 2 calibration stars. Last night I got to test the mount! But oh my god, could I get an alignment...... no. no. no lol! It took me nearly 2 hours to figure out that i had been pressing "Daylight Savings Time" so my initial slews were way off "Vega" and "Deneb" ---- Couldn't even see them in live view on back of DSLR. I retract my early statement declaring "I'm not an idiot" lolz So i finally did a facto
  13. Cheers Ray that's a relief. Yeah it might even settle down after a while. I will point it at Andromeda tonight and see if it tracks ok. If it does then it's happy times I've heard some people boasting lol that they are getting like 2 min subs unguided. I got 65 secs with the last AVX and was pretty happy with that but it was only at 250mm focal length (Telephoto DSLR Lense) I'm expecting it to be much shorter if I use my SW 130PDS at 650mm focal length
  14. AVX #UPDATE_3# Replacement is being tested! Slewing just fine (usual noise on 9) but seems smooth in both axes. Have powered it up a couple of times and so far seeing the very welcome - "Adavnced VX" at the top of the screen! Tonight is set to be fairly clear up here in Manchester so i'll get an alignment done and test it out. I have noticed an electronic sound coming from the DEC motor housing. It's a cross between an old Printer sound and an 80's Arcade game like Pac Man lol! Not terribly loud but certainly noticeable. Anyone have similar harmonic/electronic sounds on their A
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