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  1. I have a 12mm Delos for the planets though am after a 13mm Ethos which gives the expanse of space around the planet/moons and enhances the view IMHO.
  2. Having 2 identical eyepiece holder cases, i mark my TV one with the sticker to clearly identify at gatherings.
  3. I must admit I do enjoy sweeping the sky in low power on a clear night with my 40mm WO, 31 Nagler and 21 Ethos and am considering a 48 Brandon for x mas.
  4. Normally I use the 12mm Delos (min) for the C11 for the planets/lunar, great eye relief and comfortable to use. 12.5 TAK LE 52 Degrees lunar. Binoviewrs with 15 mm Plossl lunar. 21 Ethos 100 Degrees, 31Nagler 82 Degrees and 40mm WO 72 Degrees. Hope this helps.
  5. I have the same scope C11, try the 40mm Williams Optic.
  6. Taking Dons advice I put a polished spherical ball "garden ornament" into the field next to me on this sunny afternoon, about 100 meters away. The suns reflection allowed me to make a few minor adjustment to my Bobs Knobs on the 11 SCT CPC giving me concentric diffraction rings. On this freezing night I have just confirmed the settings on the star above, a quick easy collimation procedure, great stuff.
  7. I have been getting the best visual on Jupiter at 3am when it is high in the sky, red spot, white and brown clouds clear with 14mm Delos x 200 mag. I do try at 10pm as it rises though the atmospherics affect the view, same as Saturn in the morning.
  8. Ron, I have an 11 inch Celestron SCT and replaced the mirror screws with Bobs Knobs. Let your scope cool down to eliminate circulating heat in the tube which is seen during collimation as disturbance. Have the scope as vertical as possible on a star. I use a 14mm EP to get the diffraction rings set. The central star should vanish centrally into the diffraction rings when making the adjustments in and out with the EP, the diffraction rings should be perfect. It took me a few hours to master the adjustment procedure, I check it out regularly as I carry the scope to the observation decking in the
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