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    Rosette Nebula

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    Veil Nebula.jpeg

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  3. Hi Damian, no just at home. Managed to get 3nights in a row with ed80 and narrowband filters this week (Sun-Tues). Was clear each night until about 2ish. Didnt get loads of data but managed about 2-3hrs each night. Heres one of the heart Nebula I did on Tuesday only about 1.5hrs data so will probably add more to it next time out. Have you managed to get out at all?
  4. Thanks Mark. Enjoy the talk tonight.
  5. Some great images coming through, great capture of M81 & M82 Vicky. Glad the guidings sorted Adam, have had some trouble with it recently myself. Finding it good to get out even if we're not getting completely clear skies. After being an idiot and blowing up my new AZEQ5 mount, finally got it back from FLO. Managed to get 2hrs of Ha and Oiii of the rosette Nebula with my ED80. Didn't use any flat frames as didn't have chance to do them yet. Sorry won't get to meeting/talk tonight, have to entertain kids over half term.
  6. That’s a beauty Eric. Looked great on your laptop last night. You did well to get such a clear pic. The conditions were tough, loads of stars out but air was full of moisture, guide stars were jumping about erratically. I found it difficult to keep my guiding stable. Nevertheless was good to get out. Hopefully skies clear a bit in the next few weeks.
  7. Hi Damian, yeah always difficult with forecast. Scope nights shows it good but you never know. Be good to see you if you get a chance to get up.
  8. Hi All, Anyone fancy a trip to Sutton Bank tonight. I’m meeting Eric at Wetherby Services at 5pm. The forecast looks good. The address of where we are going is Bungdale Head Campsite, Scawton, nr Thirsk YO7 2HH if you want to meet us there. As its a campsite its £5 per car but its very safe (and dark) and there’s toilet facilities etc. Cheers Dec.
  9. Thanks Eric, hopefully we'll get out to winscar or Sutton bank soon.
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    M81 & M82.jpg

    From the album: Dec

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    NGC2403 RGB.jpg

    From the album: Dec

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  15. Thanks guys, haha Ben no Hubble just lucky this object works very well in Ha and is very high in the sky at present. The tadpoles are present even in the original subs. The processing took me a few hours. I followed a few online tutorials but was mostly just a case of trial and error (mostly error ?).
  16. With the last 2 clear nights I've managed to gather quite a lot of data on NGC1893 and IC410 the tadpole nebula. Heres my attempt at combining 25nr each of 600s of HA, Sii and Oiii (about 12.5hrs in total).
  17. Cracking image Adam, detail is excellent. I love this target, definitely one of my favourites. Bet it was cold at Winscar last night. I did a bit at home, left kit running all night and it was covered in frost this morning when I packed up.
  18. Lovely image Vicky. Love the colour.
  19. Thanks Ian, I’ll give that a try too. Appreciate your help.
  20. Thanks Louise, that's a great help. I'll give that a go.
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