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  1. Okay, I have to admit that I'm out of my depth for processing your image. I haven't tried processing LRGB images before--I've been using a DSLR. I tried a few different tutorials for combining the channels you uploaded, but couldn't get the combined image's colors to look right (I got the nebula the right color, but the background had a tinge and some gradients I couldn't get rid of). Maybe someone else can give it a go?
  2. Do you have any examples you can post of what is going wrong in your previous attempts? If you upload a stacked TIFF of your latest attempt I'll give it a quick try in PI.
  3. What is the best way to measure sky noise and read noise, so I can calculate whether it makes sense to push for longer exposures? I have been shooting 5 minute exposures at f/6 under what I estimate to be a bortle 4 skies. I want to be able to draw out faint outer spiral arms in galaxies, and I'm trying to decide whether to try for 10 minute exposures or to just shoot a lot more 5-minute exposures. Does ISO have any bearing on this at all?
  4. These are some pretty inspiring images. I just joined SGL, and here are my 5 best images from 2015, after starting with the hobby in May. All were taken with a unmodded Canon 50D, through a Vixen VMC200L on an EQ-6 mount, guided with an ASI120MM and an Orion 50mm guidescope. Exposures were usually 5 minutes, and total integration ranged from 2-5 hours for each image. I cheated a little bit and included two images that have some integration from 2016 (M101 and the Pleiades), but I did start them in 2015... Flame and Horsehead Perseus Galaxy Cluster (annotated in PI) M81 / M82 The Pleiades M101 I'm really looking forward to cleaning up my technique and making even better images in 2016. Cheers,
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