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  1. Took the telescope out again last night and was unable to get even the slightest glimpse of the sombrero galaxy or the pinwheel galaxy, May just be a bad time of the year to observe but so far Im not seeing much with this dobsonian
  2. Im yet install stellarium but I do have a good android app, My only problem with stellarium is that its on PC so I cant take it outside to yelp me when tracking objects, But ill check stellarium out. Thanks dave
  3. Its looking great! Nice job
  4. i have been doing some research and people seem to really reccomend getting color filters, and so I was looking and I came across a pair of Saxon 1.25 color filters, Red, Blue, Yellow, and Neutral. I don't know exactly weather or not this is worth the $84 AUD. Any tips?
  5. I did appreciate the view of the nebula but I was just expecting a little more, The ones I am most interested in seeing is the Sombrero galaxy, The pinwheel galaxy, And the Andromeda. But I am still very new to astronomy so I have much to learn
  6. Took my telescope out last night, But I was slightly dissapointed, I was mainly looking for nebulae and clusters But I wasn't able to see much. The only nebula I found was the m42 and it was a slightly green cloud and nothing else really, I also tried mars with a 10mm plossl and a 2x barlow and didnt get anything but a bright ball again, Mars is the top planet on my list to see. Any tips? Also can anyone clarify if a Saxon 8" dobsonian reflector can see any galaxies? if so could you list them
  7. Just got my first acrhomatic 2x barlow lens! No planets visible tonight, What would you guys reccomend I try it on with 8" dobsonian. Also, southern hemisphere and only a small amount of light pollution
  8. At the moment I dont think I can actually see the andromeda, The area where its at there is a mountain. As for other messiers, I have seen the pleiades and the m42. Both very very sharp and clear, however not much color. My biggest dissapointment though is not seeing anything but bright light with mars and venus, They just look to be stars. Hoping a barlow will really increase some views
  9. Just purchased my first 2x barlow lens, should have it in a few days, But In the mean time I am wondering if my Saxon 8 inch dobsonian can see the andromeda, Neptune, and Uranus. Havnt had any luck so far
  10. Okay so this morning was the first clear sky in just over a week and all 5 planets were in the sky, I could get a very crisp view of Jupiter and its moons and the same with Saturn and titan, However when I tried on venus and mars, it was just like a bright star, I made sure I was on the right object, but There so no detail at all. Do I need a barlow lens to see detail on these 2 planets?
  11. Hey, Im also wonderig if someone can tell me what barlow to use for my saxon 8 inch dobsonian
  12. Thank you very much for that info, Also I was wondering if my telescope in particular can see uranus? So far Ive only used my telescope on the moon and trying to find m42 but its become cloudy again
  13. Wow, thanks for all the information there I'll be sure to check it out
  14. I dont have a set of good binoculars, I have a reasonable good finderscope though I also have a 10mm scope and a 25mm, Also one of my first targets was actually the orion nebula and I couldnt seem to see it through my scope
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