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  1. Yeah totally, im thinking of getting a 200pds on an eq5 goto mount next, either that or a goto dobs. Either way I wish I had goto, I know its not perfect but im sure it will be better for me, I could spend all night punching in messier objects and at least I could be pointing at them. Thats always a great start ?
  2. I will look into both, my current scope is used enough in light polluted skies to warrant flocking. So is there a benifit for my skywatcher 130m to use a dew shield? also does it increase the focal length?
  3. Hahaha these lucky things just dont happen. I have street lights ruining my time everywhere, I live in apartments and I have to use the car park. Theres a dark spot by the wall that is fairly ok until you have to point south and get a horrible orange light glaring down the scope. Ive had good observations of jupiter standing 4 ft under a glowing white light and it didnt really ruin my joy at all, but this orange light is a real pain. I dont know what flocking is to be honest, is it some sort of internal coating to absorb a certain type of light? Whats it called when you have a cover that exten
  4. Thanks very much lee that could keep me going for a while, I have stellarium and use that to star hop, trouble is even with my phone brightness right down and the red switched on I lose my nightvision straight away. Im thinking of getting a planesphere or something
  5. Yes I suppose so, not sure about planetary nebulae, would they really be visible in the most light polluted of skies through a 5 inch scope? I have trouble locating star clusters due to lack of pointer stars lol
  6. I think my location is the biggest detriment to my observing by a long way. With these skys I really dont believe there is much after pleiades and the planets
  7. Heres a realistic rendition of what I could see, as you can see only the first pointer star next to mirach is visable (barely) which for some reason I mistook for andromeda itself (bad day at the office). the second pointer star wasnt visable at all which makes it hard for me to know where to point. I would have to guess it pretty much
  8. Thats very true stu, that is my aim next year to go to as many dark sites as possible, otherwise spending 500+ pounds or whatever it may be will not be worth it
  9. Thats a good idea, I do that with the finder scope but if my binos will see through the lp and locate it that will really help. thanks
  10. Are there any hydrogen alpha filters that work on a dslr or are they all for ccd?
  11. Whats a good 9mm plossl for planetary? Or is a kellner better? looking to spend around £40, bought time I upgraded as the 10mm skywatcher one as everyone knows is pretty poor Thanks
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