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  1. Hi all haveing read on the forum that the Brighton Astro Society is no longer who is running astrocamp in Ashdown forest Sussex? and if any one out there has any info on wether it will be on this year i have been attending off and on since 1987 any info would be gratefull, thanks.
  2. Good luck with the new club,i know what its like setting up a new club i helped set up the Nelson Astronomical Society near Portsmouth back in 1988 when the Hampshire Astronomical Group moved from its club house on Portsdown hill up to Clanfield a small band brokeaway to form Nelson, we ran for a few years but our clubroom was the victim of an arson attack and we never recovered the club folded soon afterwards i,ve often thought about forming a new club but never got round to it due to work and family commitments so i wish you all the best and hope to pop allong some time.
  3. Hi all i,ve decided to purchase the c6 s sct and as flo is knocking them out for £495 this looks like a bargain on the cg5 mount what would be the best eyepieces for this scope budget around £50 is the eyepiece supplied a 25 mm any good? i allready have a dew zapper or would a dew shield be better?.
  4. Hi all what would be best ? Celestron c6, Skymax 127 or omni 127 xlt, for general observing budget £500 .
  5. Hi all waited at my local lidle store half hour before opening was rewarded with binos and spotting scope and thanks for the nod russ after checking the webb they are meade redwing for £299 on instructions it reads bresser meade of europe ,can it take 1.25 eyepieces as the one supplied is screw thread, well all i need now is clear skies and hope to post a review soon.
  6. Hi Alistair welcome to the forum i,m new to all this as well allthough i,ve been dabbleing for years, this is turning into the explorer200 appreciation society got mine last week on the eq 5 mount havnt had a chance to use it yet when i hav,nt been working nights its been cloudy i cant wait to get it down the new forest area for its first test but i,m encouraged by all the positive feedback from the forum heres to clear skies and all the best.
  7. paulibbo

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    Thanks to every one for thier warm welcome i now have my sw200 all i need now is some clear skies when i,m not on night shifts,my first proper session with a telescope was with a ziess telementor at the 1988 astrocamp in sussex we where joined by Heather Couper and Nigel Henbest who were very complementery about the scope so i have very fond memorys.As soon as i can get some observing done i will post the results, quick question how do you fill the legs of an eq5 tripod with sand as several members have said this would increase the stability?and i do not fancy hanging a heavy wieght from it as one of the wifes yorkshire puddings could cause untold damage. :saturn:
  8. paulibbo

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    Hi i,m Paul from Fareham in Hampshire i,m new to all this well forums at least allthouygh i,ve had an interest in astronomy since i was at school i,ve owned a variety of instraments in my time starting with my first scope a ziess telementor(does any one remember those or has anyone owned one, then a 10" reflector followed by an 8" celestron sct then a 5"skywatcher refractor which i am in the process of selling as my wife is treating me to an 8" skywatcher explorer i was pleased to see good coments on the forum and look forward to picking it up thursday, i would just like to say thanks to Rob in Warsash for putting me on to this and look forward to interacting with other members regards Paul. :stars:
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