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  1. Its working now. Drama over Thanks laudropb
  2. On screen. The little bell at the top doesn't display that someone has replied to the thread. (not sure if its supposed to or not though. haha)
  3. Thanks for your reply Its a 2x Barlow that came with the scope. Thank you! I've read a lot about stacking and bracketing to improve the images so will have to see how I get on. My Son has two passions. Superheroes (Avengers) and Space. I'm trying to keep his attention on Space as it may be a bit more worth while I'll take a look later. p.s I didn't seem to get a notification that there were replies to this thread. Should I have? Thanks again
  4. Hi there, This is my first post so apologies if its the wrong section of if i'm treading on toes but after a bit of advice. We bought my 5 year old son a Skywatcher Heritage 100p for Christmas and we are loving it. Below/attached is his first ever photo with my D7000 attached and edited on-line (don't have my Mac at the moment). I've been reading on here that you can achieve sharper pictures bypassing the Barlow but for some reason we can't get the telescope to focus at all. Its not a blurry image of the moon, its completely out of focus. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Sean
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