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  1. i guess it is a bit pessimistic, but with the nature of galaxies and the limits of a 5" scope i guess that what they are.
  2. Thanks for the heads up Dave but a few years ago, i got a copy of starrynight which has never let me down
  3. Yes i must admit, i was stunned by the view. It was a very transparent night. The faintest star i picked up was 13.06. Only a quarter of a mag off its absolute limit! There were definitely wisps that curled around the generally fuzzy star. I use an eyepatch about 30-40 mins beforehand and yes, the longer you watch, the more you see. I came a dab hand at averted vision while observing in a heavily light polluted city with a 70mm refractor, when i first got into it. Thanks for your advice and yes i really do just enjoy it
  4. Some great detail of Jupiter and the transits, considering the bad seeing.
  5. Thank you, anything else other than a "foggy star" from here on will be a bonus.
  6. Thanks for that, yes M64 is on my "to see" list. I particularly liked M66 as you could tell it was galactic in nature.
  7. And i do always have in mind what it is im looking at. Light from stars over 30 million light years distant. Incredible.
  8. Thats a good sketch. So i know im seeing things properly. I was pleasantly surprised with the M65 group, although i couldnt pick out the NGC member.
  9. Light pollution scales are confusing i think. Im allegedly in an orange zone. So shouldnt see that much. Although with my 130mm reflector i can see stars of the 13th mag and galaxies of 10th mag.
  10. Thanks all. I wasnt particularly disappointed. Was nice just to see them. I guess im just seeing the bright core? Just checking that im seeing them as i should. I have no complaints about the scope. Wish i coukd get bigger one but with 2 little ones, that wont happen! Thanks again for your replies. Although i have to say M105's companion, NGC 3384, was a lot brighter than expected.
  11. Thats what the M105 group looked like. M65 and 66 showed tiny swirls around them.
  12. Hi All, bit of advice. After recently buying a Skywatcher 130, i decided to have a crack at the Messier Galaxies in Leo. Armed with detailed star charts, i think i managed to observe them all. (including an additional NGC) But i can only manage to see them as "foggy stars" is this normal or is my eyesight going? Any insight would be appreciated.
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