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  1. The crab nebula is a difficult one to find apparently so I was more than a little chuffed to be able to find it from my back garden. Not particularly impressive to look at but doesn't stop me telling anyone who'll care to listen about it (and quite a few who don't, if I'm honest!!).

    Found M81 & M82 the other night, two galaxies in one view, which totally blew me away!!! I'm now developing a galaxy obsession hence the interest in the larger scope. I got my 150pl back in October when I didn't really know what was out there or if I'd even use it much.

    hi mate seen m81 and m82 myself everytime i go out i make sure i have a look at them absolutely awesome, i have got a bit of a galaxy fixation myself, but galaxies are much harder to find. ile let you know how i get on with the 10". good luck with the galaxy hunting.


  2. I was thinking of going down this route myself. I have a 150pl which I think is great but how much more could I expect to see with a 250px. To give you an idea of what I can see now I managed to find the Crab Nebula which was very faint - like a fingerprint smudge on a laptop screen.

    i have the 150p and i cant get to see the crab nebula even from a dark site. one of the reasons ime going for a bigger scope, i have a friend who as a 10" scope and you get a lot more detail in the dso's perticularly globular clusters M13 looks absolutely stunning in his 10".

    not that ime dissapointed with the 150p far from it. I just think it's time to upgrade< i would go for a bigger one but as i go out to a dark site i think the 10" is about all i can cope with.


  3. The pyrex glass means it doesn't take as long to cool down (I think).

    The 250PX is a fantastic 'scope, got one myself. Are you going for the flextube or the solid tube version?

    I'm sure you'll enjoy it. :)

    i am going for the solid tube version, as sometime on the future when ive got the funds will get the eq6 to mount it on.

  4. Thanks for the replies, almost certain that's

    The one ime getting. I am happy with

    the 150p I've gotBut think a 10 inch on

    an equatorial mountWoulld be to big.

    So it's got to be a dob.

    Another thing it says the primary mirror is pyrex

    Glass. I might sound daft but would that hinder

    Performance any.

  5. Many thanks for your reply DP, unfortunately the furthest I can reach (Which I believe isn't far enough) would be by bicycle (I don't drive MEH!), carrying the stuff which isn't a problem, just don't know anywhere dark sites close enough to myself (Fairly central Leicester). I will maybe try at this weekend a darkish spot I know of, which looks abit better than my view from my garden.

    I'm starting to wonder if it would be worth trying to establish my limiting magnitude with this scope and my skies, by trying something like working from the brightest to the invisible of the Messiers?

    Hi Karlos there's a couple of us from stargazers go to a place out near kibworth it's quite dark there. If you like i could pick you up when we go. I live near aylestone are you far from there. if its clear we will be going there next weekend.

    Let me know if your interested


  6. Thanks steve that is helpful it really starts to all fall into place... eventually :D

    I notice your also from good ol' "Lesta", any tips on any good observation sites? :p

    where are you in leicester. there is a couple of us that go to a place called glooston, it's in between kibworth and market harborough we have been there a couple of times, we have also been to saddington resorvoir which is quite good but glooston, is a little better.

    PM me if you feel like tagging along.


  7. If you point your scope at vega and set the setting circles to the right coordinates, you then lock the R A setting circle whilst you are looking at vega, you wont need to lock the dec setting circle as it only moves in R A. When you look for something else you unlock the R A, then move your scope to the coordinates of whatever you are looking for then lock it again.

    Hope this helps


  8. Hi Steve.

    Thats an amazing first go! Well done! :p

    I have never had a go at planetary imaging myself but do browes the forum alot. I am not sure the exact reasons why Saturn's come out generaly so yellow but it does seem to be a common one.

    I hope you don't mind I had a little tweak in photoshop. All I did here was reduce the saturation in yellow a good bit and then made a few minor adjustments to the colour balance and cropped a wee bit just to up the magnification.

    Let me know what you think.

    Again congrats on a great start! :D


    Thanx micheal

    That looks a bit better. Actually I am quite pleased with it , at least you can tell what it is. Iv'e looked at a few pictures on here with a similar setup and they seem to get the same.

    Thought it might be something i could put right in sharpcap.

    They might come out a bit better when i get to a dark site, light pollution is a bit of a problem in my back garden, as it is with most people unfortunately!

    thanks again


  9. That's exellent. Did you realise that you can put your unstacked images into imerge as soon as they come off the camera? It takes the first frame of the avi and you can patch them together to see if you've missed a bit! Very useful trick!

    Thanx mate, thats handy to know.

    Some nice pics in your sig, if i ever get to that standard i will be very happy


  10. My first attempt at a mosaic. Dont know what I have been scared of.

    I used 6 30 second avi's processed in registax and stitched them together in iMerge. Missed a couple of bits but that all in the learning curve, (i hope). I am happy with it for a first attempt

    Cant wait for the skies to clear for my next

    I am using a flashed spc 880


  11. Nice shot, care to explain how you obtained the shot with the webcam, im looking into getting one.


    Jay :(

    It's quite easy really, but you will need a need an adapter to attach the wbcam to your telescope and a ir/uv filter(so iv'e heard).I got mine from morgans along with the webcam spc 880. Apparantly it's one of the best you can get. the hardest thing is getting focus right and playing around with the settings, but you get there in the end.

    You will also need a program like sharpcap or craterlet and a program called registax for stacking the avi's.

    Webcam Astrophotography Tutorial for Planets

    It might sound complicated, but dont worry it's not

    here is a link which should put you on the right track

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