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  1. Thanks guys for all your help, I've managed to find someone near me, about 40 mins or so. He will have a look and hopefully sort out. Thanks for all your help, and much appreciated!
  2. Thats what i thought, it hasn't moved for a long time, and hasn't been damaged. Going from one successful trip to the next about a year later and nothing! I seem to be constantly turning the focuser knob. over and over and probably moire than that if i did it long enough.
  3. I apologise as this is all alien to me, how would i check if that is slipping? or a crayford focuser? Also the screws to tighten, I am assuming they are inside the telescope?
  4. I have spent a lot of time lately turning the focuser knob, and wondered if that could be broken, had it on the moon last night and i moved it in both directions for a while. Nothing seems to work. Is it possible that the focuser knob is broken? The rubber knob slides off that tube and doesn't look like it actually does anything. Has anyone heard of broken focuser knobs?
  5. I have done that, i couldn't see the mirror move when i turned the focuser knob, i just may have not been able to notice it. i have also taken the eyepiece out and looked down the tube and i can see everything fine. which makes me confused as the eyepiece is magnifying what the tube sees, so if i can see objects ok without an eyepiece, and then place the eyepiece in the slot, that should be magnifying ok and obviously it is all blurry.
  6. I still have the manual and all boxes as i never chuck anything away lol I did speak to a guy in a shop and he said I wouldn't need a diagonal with mine, cos he asked the same question. I have uploaded a photo in my gallery cos i don't know if you can put one in here. I couldn't find anything to upload to this post.
  7. sirids

    My telescope

    Nexstar 4SE
  8. Yes I do have the Celestron Nexstar 4se. Using the standard eyepiece plus the 32mm one from a set which I bought. One minute is working divert good the next it just doesn't, that's the mystery...!
  9. Hi Dave, my previous "outing" with my telescope was just in my garden. So when I came back I just placed it in the house where i had before. Left it and didn't get to use it for about a year, and then took it out to the garden again where I simply couldn't focus it. Everything was blurry so I put it away again and wondered if I hadn't done everything properly. Just kind of forgot about it until recently and thought of selling, as I just don't use it enough. I wanted to check if it was ok for selling, and remembered the focus problem. I'm not sure what a diagonal is exactly, but I've used this scope about 6 times straight out of the box and worked very good. All I can say is it just went weird with image being out of focus. And I'm really stumped about what to do...
  10. I don't have a diagonal, my telescope does have a flip mirror for the rear camera slot i think thats what its for. is it possible on the Nexstar 4se for something to come loose inside the tube, that would make it impossible to focus?
  11. I couldn't see it move at all, but it may have moved an i didn't notice.
  12. Hi Mike, and no I haven't everything is normal apart from focus. its just completely blurry
  13. Does anyone know if the focuser knob on the nester 4se can break? It doesn't seem to do anything on mine, and just looks like a rubber bung on a hard piece of tube. I have just been out with it to see the moon, and all I have is blur, the lenses are ok and not smeared etc, So i am stumped. any help is very much appreciated, and thanks for the replies so far.
  14. I don't have a diagonal. Just an eyepiece in the slot on the Nexstar 4se, which have worked fine and then my scope sat idle for a year and then went to use it again it just doesn't seem to want to focus. If i am right in thinking, it didn't need a lot of focus at first just some fine tuning. it seemed very easy at first, and the gap in time since i last used it has caused this issue. i believe i am doing everything right, it doesn't need a lot of set up, unless i use the computerised control.
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