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  1. Great, thanks Robin. Will give you suggestion a try next time these bloody clouds clear.... :-)
  2. try having a look at DSO Browser (www.dso-browser.com), put your location in and it will give you a list. You can then filter and sort the list.
  3. Tried this last night but had a bit of a challenge. Can get the first image to solve but then rotate around the RA axis and cant ever seem to get the second image to solve. Have tried starting in different places but does not seem to make any difference. I am manually unlocking the RA and then rotating. More than likely to be user error but i will be buggered if I can work it out. Using an AZ-EQ6GT, Altair Starwave 80 with the Altair Starwave 50mm Guider and a GPCAM Colour. Running ASCOM, EQMOD, APT 3.2, Sharpcap 2.9
  4. Have to say that I am finding all the discussion about the ASI1600 sooo tempting that I can feel my wallet twitching...... ;-)
  5. Wow, thats proper snow. 50cm in the South of England is a National Disaster.... :-)
  6. Looking good. I am following this with interest and one eye on the design. Hope to build my own next year but still undecided on the design. Good luck :-)
  7. Thanks everone for the responses. Been away with work for a few days. I think I am heading down the path of designing an all in one Mini PC with the USB connections that Gina mentions. http://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/usb-cable-assemblies/4686349/ I think I will 3D print a case that allows me to have a PC with 6 USB then also power connectors for the Mount/Camera/Guider/Dew heaters. I will then only need CAT5/6 connection and Power. Better get on with designing it.... :-)
  8. Had a total mare last night. My set up that has been working really well for the last few sessions threw a total wobble..... I use a 10m USB active repeater extension and a powered 4 Port USB hub. Last night i kept getting timeout error from EQMod and could not get to the bottom of why. I tried logically working my way through all the possible failure points but gacve up after about 2 hrs and numerous restarts :-( How do most people deal with the USB Cable/Hub situation ? It seems that whilst convenient USB is not a particularly robust physical connection. I am thinking that a Mini PC at the mount and then Cat5/6 and remote connection via RDP would be a good solution. This would allow me to get rid of the USB hub and cable. Has anyone done this ?
  9. Just looking at polar alignment and wondering how much of each imaging session I should dedicate to chasing polar alignment ? I have a AZ-EQ6 GT on the factory tripod, Altair Starwave ED80, 50mm Altair Guide Scope and GPColour Cam. Imaging with a Canon EOS1000d. I am using PHD for guiding and then polar alignment. Guide rig is at 3.75 ArcSec/Pix. I have my PHD logs for the last guided session I did but cant see if it tells me the PA error ? Would like to get good PA but need to balance that against spending the whole night chasing PA and not imaging. Also bearing in mind that I take the whole lot inside at the end of the night. Permanent pier is coming in the next month or so and then can see the benefit of investing the time to get spot on PA. Thanks
  10. Thanks everyone. After having a really good look around and running through a few tutorial I have decided to focus my energy on PixInsight and see where i get with it during the 45 day trial period.
  11. Had a good session last night and finally got everything working. The new AZ-EQ6 is a fantastic bit of kit and works first time with EQMOD, APT and Cartes du Ciel. Managed to get about 25mins of data for M81. Now on to my weak part - Processing... :-( Can anyone recommend a good resource (Book, Website Etc) that outlines the process in nice simple stages ? I am sure my data has some good stuff in it I just don't have the ability at the moment to make the most of it but really want to learn. Thanks
  12. Have been thinking about a DIY pier and saw this http://practicalastronomy.com/diy-low-cost-telescope-pier/ Bit of background/situation I have been using my Bresser MON2 but struggling a bit with the tripod/position. I have tried the following: 1) On the decking - This is the most level surface but is slippery and very springy. 2) On the grass - Very uneven and very wet/poorly drained. Tripod sinks into the ground I am primarily interested in imaging and the reduction in set up time would be a real interest. The site is secure so I could leave the mount on the pier. Should also mention that I live in a rented property and understand that I have to consider my options accordingly. My landlord is good and would just take the approcah of "as long as I remove before I leave then fine". I saw the above article and though that a timber post pier would be a very cost effective and fairly simple approach. Any comments/guidance much appreciated.
  13. Thanks everyone for the advice. Olly - Thanks. I will try the star trail trick, sounds like simple but very effective way to ensure some constancy for adding more data in later sessions. Also GREAT advice that I had not really thought of about starting new projects on a easterly target. I am currently using Stellarium and finding the Sensor FOV a very useful way to understand what you will be capturing. Spent the last 2 nights doing nothing but working on guiding and polar alignment (Another post to follow...)
  14. Wow, lovely image. I agree that the other galaxies in the background really give a sense of scale... Well done.
  15. Thanks everyone, it was certainly a Homer Simpson style Dohhhhhhh moment......
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