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  1. Apologies for butting in on this thread but I was about to start similar thread seeking advice. Current laptop just died and the fixit man says he can't, so it new laptop time. I don't do astrophotography yet, (apart from a bit of basic DSLR stuff) but obviously it make sense to invest in machine that will do it when I do decide to smuggle a camera past her indoors. I'm wondering what sort of spec I need? Storage capacity shouldn't be a problem as I already have a couple of 2TB external hard drives. What sort of RAM do I need to capture and edit properly? Any advice on Processor type and speed also welcomed. Thanks!
  2. Same here in NW uk. I have never before seen planetary colour like the GRS tonight. Superb clear skies even with that moon washing things out. Jupiter was worh being a scope for alone this evening.
  3. Hi Derek. I bought myself a celestron evolution 9.25 last month. First proper scope really. I had a Konus 500 years ago but this is a big difference! Loving it so far I too delivery of a Hyperion 10mm this afternoon, just in time for tonight's clear sky and wow! I thought jupiter was good last night. I'm still I shock. Can't belive the detail in the weather bands and the pole, but the GRS was stunning. There were moments of total clarity in which I could clearly see colour in the spot. A rich russet orangey hue and an obvious oval shape, with tendrils of darker clouds curling at the edges. Beautiful. Can't imagine what it would have looked like without the moon wash. Having seen what the Baader can do at 10mm Im sorely tempted by the others in the range!
  4. Disappointed to have missed it. I did catch the last moments of Europa as it hovered near the limb earlier which is what caught my attention. It's a bit mind bending to think of just how far away this is happening and I can watch it from my back yard. Even more amazing how fast it actually happens when you consider the distances.
  5. Well i wasnt planning on going out tonight but a look out of the window showed clear skies so i thought id give it a go. I'm still very new to this so apologies for lack of expertise in the following report! Mixed viewing tonight due to the clouds but worth persevering for the moments of clear sky. The moon was full and far too bright for prolonged observation even with a moon filter. It was actually painful to look at. It also washed out most deep sky objects apart from the Orion nebula and a brief glimpse of a quite splendid double cluster in Peruses which was best viewed in an ultra wide view 400mm plossl eyepiece. The reds, blue and white stars were sharp and clear. Highlight of the evening though was the transit of Io across Jupiter. Seeing was generally excellent with little "boiling" apparent. Whilst I couldn't actually see the moon, the shadow it cast was occasionally pinpoint sharp in both my basic Celestron 10mm plossl and in the 24 to 8 mm zoom. I could even make out some detail in the equatorial bands. I tried a few shots using my DSLR through a Barlow lens but the quality wasn't brilliant. Still early days in my attempts at astrophotography! This is the first transit I have seen and it was captivating. The movement of the shadow was obvious as it crept across the disc. I was hoping to witness the re emergence of Io but a few spots of rain had me quickly dismantling my scope and heading indoors just as it was due to clear the rim sadly. I have a Hyperion 10mm about to arrive, (tomorrow hopefully), and can only wish I could have had it hand tonight! Considering the forecast was for full cloud all evening I feel like tonight was a real bonus evenings viewing.
  6. Well I finally got out and used my still new smelling kit! The local forecast pointed to clear skies from 3am. I'm currently off work for half term so the alarm was set for 2.30 am and I was setting my scope up shortly after. I'm so glad I did. With jupiter high in the south I had my best viewing of the planet yet. Very stable seeing and moments of crisp clarity with the red spot clearly identifiable. I had 4 hours of super clear skies, plenty of time to finally experiment with a few filters to bring out even more detail in the planet. Even my dew shield, worked well for a few hours before slight misting brought the session to an end with a brief look at Mars. Well worth the lack of sleep!
  7. I feel slightly better that it's not just me then! I had 2 good sessions in a week when I started and thought I could expect that every week..! Ha I am now regretting packing in and going to bed on those occasions when the sky was clear. It feels like profligacy to waste all those hours of good seeing!
  8. I am trying option 2 with great enthusiasm, but so far that has just meant more and more new kit yet to be used! The one and only weather window we have had coincided with a business trip last week so I could only gaze out of a train window at Jupiter and the moon in gloriously close proximity
  9. Apologies to anyone living in the north west of England. It's my fault. I took delivery of my first 'proper scope' mid January and so far I have managed to use it twice. Apart from those 2 occasions we seem to have had unbroken cloud, drizzle and hailstones for a month, with no forecast of any glimpse of the sky to come! I've seen more of the moon in books than I have in the sky. Do you think if I put my scope back in its original packaging the stars may reappear?
  10. Turned out to be great night. I saw the great red spot for the first time. Fabulous sight. The moon kind of waste everything else out though sadly. I also learned that I desperately need a dew shield! Had to run an extension cable out to power a hairdryer to clear the the optics!
  11. I've just rearranged my entire schedule for today having spotted the forecast for clear skies this evening! 9am and I'm already planning where to point the scope tonight.
  12. Baader wonder fluid now purchased ! Thanks How often do people usually clean the primary lens? Mine has a little of the water spot effect you see after water evaporates from a surface if you catch the light at the right angle. I don't know if it's enough to affect performance noticeably
  13. Thanks all. I'll check out the Baader wonder fluid. ..something else to put on the shopping list !
  14. I don't suppose it's quite as chilly in Californica Derekus! Snow forecast here for tonight so that will put a stop to my stargazing for a few days.
  15. I dabbled in astronomy a few years back with a cheapish 500 cm reflector on an equatorial mount. Not a bad bit of kit but cheapo eyepieces and a wobbly tripod didn't help much. I do recall being gobsmacked by Saturn .mesmerised almost. Life conspired against me and the scope fell by the way side but the interest never went. So...interest renewed I just treated myself to a celestron evolution 9.25. I started out with a budget of £600 for a 6 inch goto and things kind of got out of hand! Tonight was my first night without clouds and .. wow! I've been out for about 6 hours, I'm frozen, and I can't wait to go again Aswell as all,the obvious stuff like the orion nebula, (wow) and the Pleades, I also managed to see the pinwheel and starfish clusters, but the absolute highlight for me was the Eskimo nebula. Unbelievable. I took some decent images of the moon with my dslr and got a pic of Betelguesse that I'm very pleased with. Jupiter arrived to late for me. I did manage to see Io and callisto and made out about 5 of the weather stripes, but the seeing was very wobbly and I couldn't make out the red spot. Probably would have been better viewing as it rises higher in the sky but I had to pack in. All I need to know now is how to clean the front glass on the scope. It kept misting up so I used a hairdryer to clear it, bit it is no longer a s super clear and clear as it was. Any tips? Next purchase will be a heated dew shield to go with the set of planetary filters, pollution filter and 8 to 24 mm zoom piece already on order!
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