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  1. quote: <Yeah I like the VV catalogue, a printed version would be a great thing to have. I find them interesting and I enjoy the challenge, make a nice change from the usual suspects. There’s just so much in deep space that gets overlooked.>

    Here are 2 PDF from http://www.faintfuzzies.com/DownloadableObservingGuides2.html

    VVCatalogue - Vorontsov-Velyaminov Interacting Galaxies -Part1-v1.pdf VVCatalogue - Vorontsov-Velyaminov Interacting Galaxies -Part2-v1.pdf

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  2. Here are some of my NGC 5907 recordings.

    1. 6 SE @ F/5 + Lodestar X2 Mono   7 x 30 s

    2. Evo 8 @ F/5 ATIK Infinity Color   7 x 40 s

    3. Evo 8 @ F/5 ASI290MM    9 x 8 s


    NGC 5907-_99_ 7 x 40 s.jpg

    NGC 5907_Stack_9frames_72s.jpg

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  3. Congrats with that achievement. Especially considering the UK weather.

    Last year I was also trying to image the "ARP galaxies".

    Up to now I have recorded 207 of them.

    Regrettable since mid September the weather in Belgium was not collaborating.

  4. Thanks Martin

    On 06/06/2019 at 09:12, Martin Meredith said:

    Hi Roel

    Yes, it is possible, but I don't have/use Windows so it would be a case of someone giving it a go. There are recipes to do it although it isn't straightforward I suspect (I tried a build for the Mac and spent some hours on it without resolving all the issues, so went for a code distribution instead). Jocular installation isn't necessarily difficult once Python and the required libraries are installed. And then the benefit is that future releases don't need these steps and it is just a case of dropping the new release in the right place.



    Thanks Martin. I'll try the Python installation.

  5. 4 hours ago, noah4x4 said:

    Have come across another solution that is a little cheaper than two computers. It involves this device.


     You put the 'transmitter' component at the NUC at the scope and from NUC run a single Cat6 cable to the 'receiver' indoors. You then connect Keyboard and mouse to it by USB2 and Monitor by HDMI. Seemingly works over very long distances. 

    Across CN: https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/639890-my-journey-into-‘ultra-high-definition’-eaa/?p=8952071

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