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  1. Congrats with that achievement. Especially considering the UK weather.

    Last year I was also trying to image the "ARP galaxies".

    Up to now I have recorded 207 of them.

    Regrettable since mid September the weather in Belgium was not collaborating.

  2. Thanks Martin

    On 06/06/2019 at 09:12, Martin Meredith said:

    Hi Roel

    Yes, it is possible, but I don't have/use Windows so it would be a case of someone giving it a go. There are recipes to do it although it isn't straightforward I suspect (I tried a build for the Mac and spent some hours on it without resolving all the issues, so went for a code distribution instead). Jocular installation isn't necessarily difficult once Python and the required libraries are installed. And then the benefit is that future releases don't need these steps and it is just a case of dropping the new release in the right place.



    Thanks Martin. I'll try the Python installation.

  3. 4 hours ago, noah4x4 said:

    Have come across another solution that is a little cheaper than two computers. It involves this device.


     You put the 'transmitter' component at the NUC at the scope and from NUC run a single Cat6 cable to the 'receiver' indoors. You then connect Keyboard and mouse to it by USB2 and Monitor by HDMI. Seemingly works over very long distances. 

    Across CN: https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/639890-my-journey-into-‘ultra-high-definition’-eaa/?p=8952071

  4. 5 hours ago, noah4x4 said:

    OK, this is how I am setting up my wireless and cordless EAA equipment which I control from my warm office. Might offer some ideas.

    1. Atik Horizon on Hyperstar on Evolution 8" SCT. USB3 cable to...

    2. Intel i5 NUC 4Gb Ram  at scope affixed to mount by Zacfton cable ties (these are awesome!).

    3. Use 'TeamViewer' to control NUC and view images on laptop in office. Note TeamViewer is also available for IOS.

    4. Control Evolution using Celestron WiFi to SkySafari on Android tablet. Also possible on IOS.

    5. Control Focus by MKIT20 wireless Microfocuser.

    6. Power to all from MaxOak 60aH battery. Offers 20v; 12v and 5v outputs simultaneously.

    I have all the above running perfectly with my 24 megapixel DSLR. Just awaiting delivery of the Atik Horizon. Key issues I discovered are processor speed and the need for fast 802.11ac wireless. Raspberry Pi and Atom processors might not suffice with megapixel cameras like the Atik Horizon or ZWO AS1600. But lesser processors might be fine with lower resolution smaller sensor cameras.

     Power is also challenging. Despite the Evolution having an internal battery, you will need 60aH to power the rest of the above for seven hour session. The above is remarkably portable too. I can carry my kit fully assembled from my office (converted garage) to my yard. A Starsense auto-align and I am observing in the warm in under ten minutes. 

    Do a MaxOak 60 Ah battery with 5 V output exist?

    Can you give a link to it please?

    Thanks in advance.

  5. On August 26. last year, I've "imaged" NGC 4236. It was at the end of a session and regrettable, dew was formed on the corrector plate.

    In my observation book I noted: "TO REDO".  I see that May would be the best month to redo, so...

    Nevertheless, this was the (poor) result:

    Evo 8 @ f/4.6 (f = 937 mm) (FOV: 23' x 18') - Lodestar X2 Mono - Dark area (no moon)

    SLL V.3: 6 x 30 s mean



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  6. On ‎29‎-‎12‎-‎2016 at 01:34, RobertI said:

    The Celestron Evolution 6" and 8" SCTs are very popular for video astronomy/EAA and appear to work well with the starsense accessory for auto setup. I have been very tempted by one of these myself. They are not cheap but I believe the quality of the mount and tripod is a step up from the Sky Prodigy. Might need to mount the camera on a diagonal to get clearance from the mount, but it must be doable if they are so popular.

    Tne Evo 8 is a great scope for EAA. Very quick/light setup.

    The StarSense is a very helpful tool in case of obstructed horizon. Just do a "SS manual align" instead of a "Auto".

  7. On ‎29‎-‎12‎-‎2016 at 21:09, Robrj said:

    I bought a cheapo 3 position filter wheel from Amazon for $30 and gave it a run last night along with my Celestron 70mm Travel Scope on my SLT mount.    Focus seems good through the filter wheel and holds when I switch filters.  I just have to be careful not to move it too abruptly as the focuser isn't that good and can move.  I was having issues with stacking so these took quite a while to get.  I'm thinking it might be the mount.  I could usually get one channel to stack but when I switched to a different filter on a different channel, it wouldn't continue the stack.  If I reset the stack and restarted with the new filter, it would stack until I changed filters again.  But eventually it started working.    I also had to constantly remind myself which filter was in which position.  My wheel isn't numbered so I'm going to have to mark it in some way to help me tell which filter I'm using. 

    Here are two M42 done with the Lodestar X2M and the filter wheel.  Exposure details are on the "Technical Card"








    Fine details...

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