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  1. Thanks Martin Thanks Martin. I'll try the Python installation.
  2. Martin, is a Windows executable of Jocular possible? The Jocular installation seems to involve a lot of specialized steps. Thanks in advance. Roel
  3. I use a miniPC see: https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/595504-cordwrap-free-eaa-setup-without-an-existing-wifi-connection/
  4. Across CN: https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/639890-my-journey-into-‘ultra-high-definition’-eaa/?p=8952071
  5. Thanks Martin for those excellent EAA imaging report. Congrats to your new software! The "circle view" gives really the impression of an eyepiece.?
  6. To give you an idea what the 6 SE is capable of, see: https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/585815-a-25-hour-session-with-6-se-asi290mm/
  7. I have put the earlier Artemis versions on my share: https://spideroak.com/browse/share/RoelBoudry/AstroShare/Astro - share/ATIK Artemis Software/ Note: I have no problems with my ATIK Infinity colour camera.
  8. Do a MaxOak 60 Ah battery with 5 V output exist? Can you give a link to it please? Thanks in advance.
  9. Are you using a filter. I do have sometimes similar halos with the Infinity (which has same CCD sensor as SX Ultrastar). Particularly when using a CLS-CCD filter.
  10. roelb

    F6.3 FR

    Roughly 110 mm
  11. I use arcsinh for galaxies with a bright cores.
  12. Interesting Rob. Did a post process of an earlier taken image of M 13, to see what ARCSINH can achieve with a globular. LINEAR ARCSINH
  13. Speaking of M 101: SE 6 @ f/5 (f = 762 mm) (FOV: 29' x 21') - Lodestar X2 Mono - Dark area SLL V.3.3: 5 x 20 s mean
  14. On August 26. last year, I've "imaged" NGC 4236. It was at the end of a session and regrettable, dew was formed on the corrector plate. In my observation book I noted: "TO REDO". I see that May would be the best month to redo, so... Nevertheless, this was the (poor) result: Evo 8 @ f/4.6 (f = 937 mm) (FOV: 23' x 18') - Lodestar X2 Mono - Dark area (no moon) SLL V.3: 6 x 30 s mean
  15. Thanks. I downloaded the April issue. Great article.
  16. Tne Evo 8 is a great scope for EAA. Very quick/light setup. The StarSense is a very helpful tool in case of obstructed horizon. Just do a "SS manual align" instead of a "Auto".
  17. Hello Brandon, Very nice image. I personally like the first 'SLL' image more than the 'PixInsight' processed one. I want to try some other histogram stretch but cannot download the un-processed 'fits' file (a 'txt' file comes out ). Roel
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