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  1. Consider the ZWO ASI533MC-Pro which is a very sensitive camera without any amp glow. Evolution 8" @ f/5 25 x 30 s
  2. You must be able to image the Crescent nebula with the 224MC. See my trial with Evolution 8" @ f/5 20 x 15 s
  3. Arp 135 NGC 1023 + 1023A PGC 10123 + 10139 Evolution 8 @ f/5 ASI290MM
  4. Arp 273 Evolution 8 @ f/5 ASI290MM
  5. Arp 282 with Evolution 8 @ f/5 and ZWO ASI290MM 6 x 10 s
  6. Shk 10 Evolution 8 @ 3.74 ZWO ASI290MM SharpCap
  7. Here are some M 87 shots I managed earlier: ASI 224 MC 37x8s
  8. quote: <Yeah I like the VV catalogue, a printed version would be a great thing to have. I find them interesting and I enjoy the challenge, make a nice change from the usual suspects. There’s just so much in deep space that gets overlooked.> Here are 2 PDF from http://www.faintfuzzies.com/DownloadableObservingGuides2.html VVCatalogue - Vorontsov-Velyaminov Interacting Galaxies -Part1-v1.pdf VVCatalogue - Vorontsov-Velyaminov Interacting Galaxies -Part2-v1.pdf
  9. Yes the link seem to be corrupted. Here is the latest version I downloaded earlier. the-unofficial-guide-to-using-sharpcap-v0.5.pdf
  10. This is a quick SC guide made by Astrojedi at CN: https://liveastronomy.neocities.org/SharpCap.html
  11. Tried it with my ASI533MC-Pro but can't optimize colors. For the ASI290MM this software works. In general I find that SharpCap has a lot of more capabilities.
  12. Some other resources can be found here: http://www.faintfuzzies.com/DownloadableObservingGuides2.html and in this pdf: paper.pdf
  13. Arp 104 with Evo8 @ f/5 and ZWO ASI290MM 10 x 10 s
  14. Here are two images with ZWO ASI533MC-Pro on a Evo 8 @ f/4.4 March 28 and April 11
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