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  1. I take scopes to Tenerife at least once a year and it's got a hard case so i won't be too concerned taking it as hand luggage. I just need a new tripod now that'll fit in my suitcase as my current one one support the heft of this scope!
  2. It was a bit disheartening to see it was out of collimation but i guess that's also a bit of an occupational hazard of such as fast system! Thankfully it was fairly routinely resolved (minus a unforeseen expense!)
  3. I bought this scope about a month ago although rather unfortunately whilst being posted to me, it must have taken a good knock and the collimation was slightly out (suspect during a star test and confirmed with a Tak collimation scope). Obviously this was disappointing having spent the best part £2k on it so i got in touch with APM UK and within a few days the dealer (Rupert also of Astrograph) dropped me an email asking me to send it off to him for a service, clean and collimation. After posting the scope, when it had been received, Rupert emailed me to say that rather unusually this was in a APM 107/700 tube that had been cut down and a 3.5 inch Feather Touch fitted. This was not something he had seen before so i guess in that respects that makes this one something of a one off (they are usually in a kupraxx tube from my understanding). I finally got the scope back today after an issue with UPS' warehouse last week and am very happy with the work (i even had some APM stickers added as it was somewhat bare!). The objective is now as good as new (as you can see in the image)! I'm looking forward to a proper first light (hopefully this week) now but just also thought i'd use the opportunity say what a great service APM UK / Astrograph provided (in case any other LZOS scope owners ever wanted a service) and i would certainly use this service again if i needed to. I am taking this to Tenerife in May as well and having been there with a 80 mm triplet last year, can't wait to see what this can do under mag 6.5+ skies Adam
  4. I'm after the above please if any one has one they could part with? A 14mm would also be useful if someone also has one spare. Thanks Adam
  5. I got up for the transit last night at 1:30 am and was treated with the best seeing i can recall for years. Was at 174 x in my Tak FC100 and the shadow along with the belts were razor sharp. First one i've actually seen in ages as Jabeoo said, i never really look when they are to plan to view one.
  6. Hi Al, I'd be interested in the pier extension if you do split
  7. Thanks chaps, I will have a look there. I had looked on Teleskop Express as i thought they would have stocked them but couldn't find any as i ideally wanted blacks ones to match the mount.
  8. Could someone please let me know where i might be able to get some countersunk bolts / screws for dovetail clamps which sink into the holes so they don't catch the dovetail? I do have a couple already but need 4 more and can't seem to find them anywhere. Thanks
  9. Only the baader maxbrights (whilst seemingly waiting forever for the new ones to come out). I have seen the 1.7 gpc, was just hoping there was some way around having to use this to get the widest possible view (as i managed to do with adapters in my Tak FC100) I was possibly thinking about asking OO if they could make me a bespoke one to deal with the light cone issue with a shortened tube though may just try the 1.7GPC to see how that goes (limited to using 19mm panoptics at present without vignetting) Thanks
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