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  1. Hello, I'm after a OO VX 150 (the regular version as opposed to the L version) or a Explore Scientific comet hunter mak newt. If you happen to have one of these instruments not getting the use it perhaps once did, do please get in touch. Thanks Adam
  2. Just in case anyone is undecided on setting up tonight, where I'm based (south coast near Portsmouth) despite the breeze, the seeing is best I've seen for quite some time. Having some spectacular views of lunar terminator at 288x in my LZOS 105. Thanks Adam
  3. Hello, I'm after an Orion Optics VX6 (not the L version however) so if anyone has one for sale, do please let me know. Thanks Adam
  4. Are you likely to have an excess of the az Pro mounts with tripod for new orders?
  5. Thanks Piero, it is a good set up. I'm going to reduce this to £270 + postage for over the weekend and if it doesn't sell I'll keep hold of it. Thanks Adam
  6. Hi John, the tripod spec is available here https://www.berlebach.de/?bereich=details&id=9&sprache=english. The center column can be raised which brings the mount height to over 1 meter. Thanks Adam
  7. I'm selling my grab and go mount to provide funds towards another purchase. It consists of a ercole mini mount with Berlebach non marring clamp on a Berlebach report 723 tripod. The tripod comes with the optional tray. This is an excellent set up to use with a small scope and have used it with a C5 and 80 mm apo to great effect as including the mount head, the whole set up doesn't weigh much more than 4 kg! I have a suitable box so I can post if required. Decided to keep hold of this for time being with no takers if you can move please mods Thanks Adam
  8. I'm after a intes or intes micro 6 inch (may consider larger depending on price) maksutov. Not really to fussed about the condition as long as the optics are ok. Older versions such as the MK61 would be fine and I'd consider a MN66 / 68 as well Let me know if you have anything available. Thanks Adam
  9. Got a chance to use the BBHS mirror diagonal last night and with a bit of wind, the transparency was very good. In use with the Denks I definitely observed a notable reduction in CA (relative to the prism) on brighter star's and in mono what CA I'd noted with the prism was completely gone. Perhaps it was the new gear bias but I had one of more memorable views of M42 with a Morpheus 4.5mm and even managed to resolve some stars in NGC 2158 which is a first in a 4" scope (which of course I'll attribute to the new diagonal!). Looking forward to some planet's reaching a more palatable elevation so I can put it's through it's paces on lower contrast features. As an aside, the 14mm Morpheus might well be the best eyepieces I've ever used in a binoviewer, very comfortable and easy to see the full FOV. Thanks Adam
  10. Sorry to hijack but I have a 2" WO carbon fibre diagonal I'm selling for £60.00. it's in good condition but no box (advertised on AB&S). Drop me a pm if one of you chaps are interested. Thanks Adam
  11. Following all the helpful advice I've put in an order for a BBHS diagonal as feel given how fast my scope is and with the light path not a worry that'll be the best option for me (oh and another 14mm Morpheus to use in it!). Thanks Adam
  12. Thanks Magnus, I'd read the fast f ratio of these scope's does cause the prism to introduce some CA and like you I see none in mono using a William optics dielectric so perhaps I'll get the BBHS
  13. Thanks SH, it is something I do notice when using the Baader prism on it's own so I wondered if it's due to the quality of the diagonal (hence if an upgrade to the Zeiss version would remedy the situation a bit). It's definitely something I only notice on brighter objects but don't see it to such an extent if using my William optics dielectric diagonal. I guess as most people seem to use prism's with binoviewers I wondered if there was another reason other than shortening the light path. Both the potential choice of diagonls are pretty much the same cost so perhaps I'll toss a coin!
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