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  1. A theoretical question: Does anyone now how accurate is the barlowed laser collimation method for scope faster than F5? I am a huge fan of the method and I am using this method to collimate a f5 with a badly collimated laser collimation and my results are for visual purposes very good and achieved in a few minutes (if no seconds!). Stars test are not of textbook quality examples, but I can see diffractions rings concentrical, and some times even a central point. However, I wonder if I can learn something about the accuracy of the method in general, and in particular in scopes that are more demanding in collimation quality.
  2. Are the strange absorption line in your spectra associated with the element BEERILIUM and possibly AWFULONBOARDMEALIUM?
  3. Have look at the Jewel Box, my favourite sight in the southern skies!
  4. I wonder if perhaps it could be "broadcast" over the web?, not the same but cheaper. I am sure that some of the robotic telescopes can do this service for those of us who are staying at home!
  5. Check registax site for something called "a noise trap". I can't understand it, but worked for me.
  6. Check this image taken with an ingenioous approach and using a webcam!!!! The protoplanetary disc around Beta Pictoris photo - Rolf Olsen photos at pbase.com I can't get a decent picture of Jupiter and this guy is able to image another solar system! (I picked the news from Universe Today) AMAZING!!!
  7. HI All: I also was surpised by this feature. This is my shot from yesterday (about 600 frames in registax, SW 8" plus Barlow x2, spc900 at 10 fps/. jupo 25_11_2011 20_46_07 barlow x 2 10 fps.bmp
  8. Weel done!. It is good to have good images like this to compare our own. I personally learn a lot from the not so good ones because of the commentaries and tips the more experienced guys offer. But this one, is among the good ones!
  9. meteoblue is telling the truth, covered in Liverpool.
  10. I recommend the sky and telescope laminated one, also in amazon.
  11. I have seen the triangle as well, plus the GRS and two barges transiting, around 22.00 to 22.30. I hope someone took some images to check my visual observations.
  12. I had a similar problem with the Altitude movement. The mount tracks well and aligns well, but when slewing in altitude, the motor varies its speed, very annoying, but once you are used....
  13. No, I think is a great idea. An Iphone with starmap pro is a step toward that direction. And perhaps we will have some day an augmented reality eyepiece, able to "understand" what it is looking at (perhaps assited by the mount goto computer?) and provide us with contextual information, without removing the direct vision observation from the equation that makes the hobby fun.
  14. In fact, your neighbour probably have well preserved peripheral vision, and he will be able to see faint objects with more ease than us. I think this is possible because he is probably used to resort to an averted gaze to sense contrast, light or movement.
  15. Hi John: Quite interesting mod. I was thinking about the alignment failure in AZ mode. It will be possible to use skycharts and the ascom driver, do a pair of "syncs" with know stars and see what happens? PS: I am simply trying to avoid buying an expensive wedge...
  16. Similar woes with the sskymaster until they fell to the ground. Since then I cannibalized the objectives and built an oversized finder for my 8" (with erecting prism!)
  17. For some reason, almach is more pleasing than albireo for my eyes.
  18. Or simply left the pair to drift, with drives off. That will create a trail, and measurements can be done afterwards
  19. I would started the same way (binoculars and turn left at orion until I prove myself that astronomy was my thing), and then go for the biggest aperture within my budget, probably a 8-12 dobson.
  20. I use a laser collimator using the barlowed laser method, that it doesn't require the laser to be optimally collimated itself. Google "barlowed laser" for many sites with info. There are also some threads in SGL discussing this.
  21. First view of the moon with a f13 telescope at high magnification.
  22. I use starmap pro. Reasonably priced, has nice features (eyepiece view fully customizable to your setup), a huge database, including asteroids and comets that can be updated, a handy telrad view. I have an old ipod touch, but I understand it can take advantage of gps and compass in more advanced models.
  23. For me is anything to the south east-west, because is blocked by the hourse and tall trees!
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