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  1. Watched the moon last night with a lunar filter attached, it just takes that bite off the glare when viewing. Keith
  2. Make sure your scope is set in Equitorial mode and Alt Az mount. Keith
  3. if you do the maths, you can work out what you require. A 10amp hour battery will run for 10 hours on one amp. If your unit has a drain of half an amp then it should last for 20 hours, so work out the equivilent usage of all your pieces to obtain the amperage in use. 16 amps will run approx. 3600 watts. Keith
  4. welcome to the SGL, I just go out and observe without any optical aids. Its the best way to learn the night sky. keith
  5. I use a pair of thermal lining Ski gloves(£6 from ALDI) under a pair of my cycling mitts, works a treat. Keith
  6. Well, your the lucky ones, back in GL4 it was cloud cover all the way with no hope of seeing anything, only mist on the hills. Keith
  7. On the first clear evening we had, I think it was the 4th Jan. I managed to set up and take some pictures, have attached my new dew heater which I found to be excellent in use, I tried some astrophotography. Setting up with my Sony A390 I took a few pics which disappointingly were out of focus, but one turned out to be okay This is a 20 second exposure at f2 with the ISO set at 800. The photo was worked in L.R to give it some clarity. Keith
  8. Yes Thank you FLO, I received my parcel before the Christmas break. Have a good Christmas to those in the office. Keith
  9. Phew, just glad I can see Polaris from my location Keith
  10. Thanks for the info Rob, looking forward to it. Must remember to set the alarm. keith
  11. Welcome back. I have a very heavy cold at present but look forward to the evening when I can get the scope out again. So you not alone in in the desire not get back into the game. Keith
  12. I found the video very useful. even tho I have a GoTo scope I have often thought about using the setting circles to find objects. Mus try sometime Keith
  13. Now I wish I could do that. envious Keith
  14. The best sky I never saw, was when my wife and I travelled to France for 98 eclipse. My wife got up in the night to do,{well you know womans things). She beckoned me to come and have a look at the sky but I was tired from driving so stayed in our camp bed. I think maybe I will live to regret that moment. She said the sky was like Blackpool Illuminations and what a treat I missed. I think, as well, that there were 5 planets on view, doh.
  15. I use the 'The Field Guide to Deep sky Objects' by Mike Inglis. It gives a yearly account of stars, double stars, Nebulae etc by monthly observation. I find this very informative as it also gives you the coordinates as well. It explains the best time to view the objects Keith
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