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  1. It has been 1 year since I posted this topic thread and I only found out now what was causing the dark streaks. I disassembled my camera and I noticed that the dark streaks was actually inside the sensor itself and not in front of the sensor or inside the telescope. Just had to wipe it clean and voila no more streaks. Thanks to everyone that helped! See images below fyr.
  2. I tried imaging M101 here in our Bortle 5 neighborhood and it was sort of tough due to the light pollution but I think I was able to pull off a bit of data. My problem now is that I was able to increase the visibility of the galaxy through stretching but in the process the background noise also increased. I also noticed that my galaxy and stars are a bit orange/reddish compared to the other M101 shots which are kinda bluish in color. Not sure if this is being caused by my astromodded camera but I tried correcting it via Photoshop and this is the best "white balanced" image that I got. Loo
  3. Hi! I've recently acquired a new Astromodified Canon rebel XT and I've tried to take pictures of nebulas using it but I've noticed that there are these weird black artifacts that keep appearing in my images. Would like to know if anyone has experienced this before? Or are these dirt/dust specs on the camera, filter, and telescope glass? I've attached some of my edited and raw pictures for your reference. The black artifacts can already be seen in the raw image of the horsehead nebula and after stacking I think it got amplified. Anyway, advance thanks and I hope everyone's doing well.
  4. BTW do you guys have any recommended software for fixing or post processing these types of image which has a lot of thermal noise? Or do I just have to take better shots with less thermal noise?
  5. It looks weird already when I overstretch it tho.
  6. Actually I'm weirded out by the black lines from the image. I'm not sure if that is also because of the thermal noise or something on the lens of the camera or the mirrors
  7. Thanks for all your comments. I think I'm not used to the modded version yet since I think it is more susceptible to absorbing thermal noise compared to unmodded cameras. The video helped a lot!
  8. Tried capturing M42 and horsehead nebula last night with my new Astro-modified EOS Rebel XT. During post processing I noticed these weird spots and lines across the image. Would you happen to know if this was because of the mirrors of the telescope (i.e. dirty mirrors) or is something wrong with the camera? What's weird is that this 2 images were taken with the same exact camera at the same exact position but some artifacts visible on M42 did not show up on the horsehead nebula. Btw I checked the mirrors of the telescope but I cant find the weird long spots
  9. Hi All. Need your help on my first try at M51. After stacking around 1 hour+ of 2 mins exposures this is what I got. I wasn't able to use darks and flats because I had a problem with the darks that I took during that night. I'm getting a slight red tone on the background when I enhance with levels and curves in Photoshop. I took the image in a fairly dark site but I used a UHC filter to see if it has any help on the image. My equipment is a Celestron C6N reflector, Nikon D90, and a Baader UHC filter. Thanks!
  10. This is actually nice! May I know how long were your exposures?
  11. This is great! May I know what camera you were using and how long was your exposures?
  12. Hi! I would just like to ask if it is possible to get a decent image of the Rosette Nebula using an unmodded DSLR. I'm planning to take a series of around 120~150 secs shots. Thanks!
  13. Wow! These are amazing images! This inspires me to keep on trying shots. I've always thought that you can't get decent photos using EQ3 mounts.
  14. Ohhhh will try to research more on how I can cooldown my DSLR. Will take this into consideration. Thanks!
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