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  1. Hello all looking for a Focuser or the end piece for a focuser for my 130/900 Skywatcher telescope. If anybody knows where I can buy one that would be great. I know I can but a OTA from Astroboot but then ill be left with a tube that I cant do anything with which I would prefer not to do this if I have to. Thanks Chris
  2. I'd be happy to push the budget over time and get the odd eyepiece here and there. I was just curious as to whether they would be any good and from this its obvious they wouldn't so I will avoid. I wouldn't mind spending 20 50 for a good eyepiece and build my own collection if it came to it.
  3. have been looking about at sets of eyepieces to use with my standard Skywatcher 130/900. I like looking at the planets and deep space objects. I don't have hunderds of pounds to spend and saw these and wanted to get a little feedback before I went ahead and bought them. They are a lot cheaper than most sets you can buy so I was wondering whether it was worth waiting and getting a slightly bigger set like the celestron set or the revelation set which looks good value. http://www.f1telescopes.co.uk/shop/eyepiece-kits/meade-5-piece-ma-eyepiece-set/ http://www.f1telescopes.co.uk/shop/eyepiece-kits/revelation-photo-visual-eyepiece-and-filter-kit/ Thanks Chris
  4. Sorry for a second post but I couldn't reply to and earlier post. I am after an adaptor that screws on to the focuser. I have been on astro boot and sent several emails and phone calls but I haven't had a response as I wanted to know what adaptor I needed to purchase. The telescope is a 130 900 skywatcher which holds 1.25 lenses. So would I need a 2" to 1.25" adaptor. thanks in advance.
  5. Yep finderscope is a must after last night. Will make it 50 times easier
  6. Lovely night for it tonight for once since I bought my second hand 130 skywatcher. Didn't come with lenses so I'm borrowing my first scope 12.5 and 4mm lenses for the time being and wasn't Dissapointed and neither was my 7 year old. Once I located Jupiter without a spotting scope as it didn't come with one which made it quite difficult. He stayed inside in the warm while I struggled away at 830 in the evening trying to line up the scope. Then it came into view a fuzz of light in the eyepiece and I got all excited and turned the focuser knob frantically to focus in and then the amazing sight appeared. A bright disc with 4 smaller discs around it with splashes of colour in the larger disc. I quickly lined up the planet in the centre of the eyepiece and quickly got out my X2 Barlow and replaced the ice piece and put in the 12.5mm again. the disc was now larger and I could clearly see two Redish divisions on the planet with a few light brown areas. I called out my son who came running and got equally excited when he saw what was there. I then changed to the 4mm but wasn't as good quality in colour and focus with and without Barlow but won't forget this and can't wait for another clear night.
  7. Hi all I recently purchased a scope feom the bay of e and not knowing a huge amount have now found myself on the search for spare parts. Spare 1 is the plastic screw on focuser part that holds the lens in place spare 2 is a finderscope. Some opinions of the best one for a good price as I don't have huge amounts of money and need to buy a full set of lenses yet. Cheap and effective is required. Thank you in advanc for pointing me in the right direction and for the help.
  8. that's amazing. it looks 3d
  9. id love to be able to capture images like this the walls of my house would be covered lol
  10. thanks to the op for asking this question never really understood filters probably being a newbie but the responses are great thank you.
  11. Was a nice clear couple of nights for a change last week so i took a couple of shots using my phone and a little adaptor attached to my little telescope. Considering I was using a smartphone with a cheap plastic adaptor and with the telescope looking through a window I didn't do to bad. the later photos are better I think as I played with the settings on my phone and got quite a bit of detail to show putting my phone in fluorescence mode which made the moon blue and removed a lot of the light.
  12. wow so much going on in one image thats amazing
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