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  1. Hi all, I'm heading off to Finland to, a very precise, 70° North latitude and will be taking my binoculars with me (25x70) - from the pictures I've seen of the sky it looks like it's going to be amazing and overwhelming but was hoping you may have some suggestions of things to aim for that I wouldn't usually be able to see from South England. All suggestions welcome and appreciated! Thanks
  2. Hi All, I saw a satellite through my binoculars and as I was tracking it across the sky it seemed to fade away before coming back into view several times. Does anyone know the reason for this happening? I don't see what could have obstructed the light reflecting off it and thought it would have gradually faded away? Many thanks! Steve
  3. Thanks for your help I'll take a look at those! Yeah Orion nebula is top of my list but has been out of view from where i am! I think i may try and find a dark site near to me and see what its like from there!
  4. Hi All, I got my hands on some binoculars (25x70) and, after about 15 cloudy nights in a row!, have finally been able to see some pretty great stuff! I've managed to spot quite a few satellites going past using the heavens above app and am pretty sure I saw a meteor when I was looking in the area of quadrantids! I was hoping to catch a glimpse of M13 but haven't been able to locate it yet. I've found this website to be really useful so far in starting out but the biggest problem i am having is the wobble i'm experiencing from both a cheap tripod and the wind! Its really blowing things around! Can anyone recommend a decent, as close to wobble free as possible, tripod that won't break the bank? I'm getting the best results when finding a target, leaving the wobble to settle then trying to get as close to the eyepiece as possible without touching it but its tough when trying to see the smaller / fainter things out there! If anyone has any recommendations of good things to keep an eye out for would also be much appreciated! Cheers, Steve
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