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  1. Align Master sounds really good, am I right in thinking there would be no need for changing the date and time circles on the mount using that? Also do you adjust the star into the middle of the telescope or polar scope? So using this method there is no need to change the date circle, just the time? Is this as accurate as using Align Master as I've never used the hand controller or that software? I use the EQMOD way which is good, the video tutorials that have been posted help and are a long time coming.
  2. Thanks guys... I'm loving using it at the moment for observing, maybe I'll get some pics towards the end of the year. Now I've got it, my aim before Christmas is to get one good M31 (with some dust lanes) and some nice close craters of that hunk of rock orbiting us!
  3. It's completed \o/.... I'm very pleased to have a setup in place now that I can leave out in all weather. It's making life a lot easier and anyone that's thinking of doing it..... Don't think anymore, DO IT !! Thanks to everyone that answered any questions I had along the way. You can see all the pictures here Here's a couple of the end result.
  4. Can I please enquire when you'll be adding more of these nose pieces to your Ebay listings? Thank you (Posted the same time as the one above!)
  5. It's actually 3D ! Loved it... The wife wondered what I was doing when I tried to poke it !
  6. With out doubt I think these are the best amateur Lunar pics I've seen !
  7. I would of been surprised if no one had tried it ! Thanks for the link, I might just give it a go after all.
  8. Strapped for cash and needing a couple of electric auto focusers I was searching around the garage and house (as you do) so see what I had to bastardise to make them.. Then I came across an old technic Lego set with a small 9v motor and battery supply. The motor wouldn't turn so it's broken but I was wondering has anyone tried this before? Anyone know if it be strong enough for a crayford focuser before I buy some parts of FleEbay?
  9. I'm very much looking forward to seeing the results that you guys can get with these bargain camera's. They look promising.
  10. TheThing.... Sure I'll bite.. Indeed I did read your previous post and thank you. Firstly, employees of insurance companies not recieving a payrise in 2 years is nothing compared to what's really going on for a lot more people out there, 2 years with no payrise is nothing!!! It has no bearing in this thread. Secondly, I'm no 'fool' and I'm well aware that it doesn't state in the policy that insurance companies are charities. If you do work for one of these charities, I mean companies #cough# then you'll understand that one of your previous statements is misleading (well actually it's just plain wrong): When you renew or take out your cover, check thru the wording carefully. Some companies (e.g. direct Line and other insurers under the RBS umbrella) offer unlimted cover for items in outhouses, such as sheds etc, subject to the ususal locks requirement. Telling people the above is dangerous and irresponsible. An obsy is not an out building and the items in it will not be covered if anything did happen. That sir is fact. So back to the question at at hand, has anyone spoken to and has managed to get home & contents insurance for their equipment inside their obsy?
  11. Thanks Astro_Baby, I missed that earlier.. It's here http://stargazerslounge.com/astro-lounge/108637-insurance.html If there is a mod around can you please delete this thread, thanks...
  12. I'm going to spark this thread up again !! I've been calling around to renew my insurance and also spoke to my existing company. If you're like me and have or will be putting your kit into an obsy with a roll-off roof your insurance company will not cover the equipment inside it. That's a the general feeling I got. I've called 19 different companies and got a broker to do some leg work also. The underwriters don't like the bit about the roof rolling off no matter how secure, no matter what alarms and no matter what locks are on the door. Unless that is if I said it was a standard shed/ out building. But if anything does happen and some pikey gets your kit, the loss adjuster comes round and see's the roof rolls off... He look's then says "hmmm this isn't of standard construction, sorry your not covered". Insurance companies love 'get out of paying up' cards! So if anyone has found an insurance company that's not specialist that will insure equipment in an obsy please let us know and it might then be an idea to sticky it in the DIY Obsy forum.
  13. I'm about to move my equipment out into the obsy and as it happens my home insurance has come up for renewal. So I've called around many places and not one will insure the equipment that's in a roll off roof obsy. Not one !!! Anyone come across this ??
  14. WOW, great price too... Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks guys
  15. Chaps, Anyone know of a good cover? It can be an outdoor seat cover, BBQ cover or a real mount and scope cover as long as it does the job? Budget is fairly small <£50. The mount and scopes are in a ROF wood made obsy, no leaks as far as I can tell. Guess it needs to be breathable in all conditions and large enough for SW200 , SW80ED and SW80ST mounted on a EQ6 !!
  16. Are you able to clear up the images or is it just my PC that makes them a little on the blury side?
  17. Oh and thanks for the advice for the internal black paint. I'll leave and save the money.
  18. So I broke the back of it today and got the roof sorted! OMG it was hard getting it back up (came off in two parts), a 9x7ft roof, reinforced on the inside with 4x2s ain't easy !! The wife wasn't overly impressed when I got her to help lift it, but she did amazing to lift it nevertheless. Below are a couple of photos. I had to raise the casters up and add an extra 4x2 for those to run along. Plus as it's a pent shed I had to put the 4x2s on at an angle so it sat flat once on top. I was going to have the roof role off forward over the door and use "legs" on wheels to support it. But instead I'm going to role the roof onto the garage roof and create a runner system on that! I'll be posting more pictures and full commentary on my site once its all done.
  19. So I'm starting the conversion tomorrow of the pent shed into my obsy at last! Got all the materials ready to go and plans drawn up (I'll be posting those on my site). But I have one thing missing.... Black paint ! Does anyone have any ideas on black paint for wood, of course I've seen that you can get proper wood paint in black but the tins are small and expensive. I have seen masonry paint in black which is cheap as chips, is that OK on wood maybe?
  20. It's a mad house at the moment with work and having a new bathroom and conservatory so I've not had time to start phase two.... I have a couple of weeks holiday in May so plan I plan on finishing it then. I'm not installing a pier for the time being as the concrete floor that the observatory is sitting on is not going to be easy to cut through. It's at least 400mm deep. The warm room will be made using MDF which I can screw in the support beams on the sides, for the roof I'll have to post the pictures when its done as I can't explain that one in words!!! The shed was bought from a small local company called Discount Sheds in Great Yarmouth, it's made better than any from local DIY shops or the shed companies on-line. Carpet is a great idea, I'll add that. I'll also increase the amount of sockets to 12, 6 in each room. Once I start on the next part; turning into an obsy I will post the details with photos here and my blog. Thanks for the advice.
  21. Had my observatory *cough* shed *cough* delivered today. I plan on detailing the progress and pit-falls of building your own obsy. It's only my point of view and there will be many that disagree and hopefully some that will agree !! Check phase one out here (it's just the start so not much yet): Astro Nerd - The AstroNerd Observatory I'll update as I go along here and on my website, if anyone wants to throw a few ideas in along the way then please do.
  22. I've heard of the Barlow collimation with a laser, I think I just presumed that it would still suffer from the same problem as being 1.25" in a 2" hole issue and 'move'. I like the sound of how precise it will be as I'll be using it for photography, maybe I'll get the Orion adapter along with the Rev collimater and use the Barlow addon too! Thanks for your replies.
  23. Glad I asked now .. Great minds think alike ! I would go for the Hotech but it my budget atm is really tight for astro gear. I'm having a obsy delivered tomorrow (shed that's being converted) and I've just bought a 200D PS ! Hence the Collimator hehe.. I guess all the cheap collimators are the same ?
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