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  1. I solved the problem of collimating my 150 PDS.......I bought an Omni 120 refractor telescope
  2. I've just bought a 130pds but don't know which cc to use. I've a canon 6d and a NexImage camera. Budget is an issue but I don't want to get stuck with the wrong one. Would the sw .9 work ? Thanks
  3. I got a pair of celestron 20x80 on amazon.fr warehouse deals for €99. I can see as much with them as I can with by scope!
  4. I was looking at these as well. They will have some 130 PDS tubes in the next few days so might wait and see.
  5. Its still to Dublin you all come on December 8 for your shopping though Typical , finally got my scope out this afternoon for my first view of the stars and its cloudy with more coming in from the west....you culchies have a lot to answer for !
  6. Following this thread to see the outcome They should definitely have taken you up on your offer of graciously accepting a mount to rectify the situation
  7. Generally with the PO its a case that if you've not tracked it and thereby insured it, then you're at a loss of the value of the goods.
  8. What part of what I said was wrong and what evidence for you have to say it's wrong?
  9. If the buyer opts not to use tracking then they take the risk involved in it not arriving. If the seller has a certificate of postage, in effect proving it was posted, then he is in the clear.
  10. I'd be the opposite. I would generally offer them the option of tracked or not. If they choose not to pay for tracking then I just get a certificate of postage to cover myself. If it gets lost or doesn't arrive, I will have covered myself and the buyer will be at a loss as s/he has not opted for tracking.
  11. If an item isn't sent registered post. A postage certificate as proof of postage is a must and free from the post office. Any claims that it didn't arrive are then the buyers problem rather than the sellers. Glad you got sorted.
  12. I'm in a similar boat. I got a GoTo Meade LXD75 SN6 with a Meade 4000 26mm plossl. In deciding EPs I got an 8 & 18mm BSTStarguider due to a lot of good reviews and a x2 Barlow Someone did recommend a zoom EP which is a good idea ( in hindsight) I've yet to get the scope out as I'm waiting on stuff to arrive. In the meantime I picked up a ST80 as a grab and go . comes with a 10&20 mm.its currently winging its way from Essex. I got a good deal on the st80 and they had no issue shipping to NI for forwarding to the Republic( postage was cheaper) FLO ar
  13. Never heard of Charl but have been to bort and Llanelli.
  14. Considering I've only pointed my binos to the heavens so far I daren't get a third scope. I hope to bring my ST80 in hand luggage to Slovakia next month. 2500 feet and guaranteed dark skies is just too tempting . If it wont fit, it'll definitely be my binos. My wife thinks we're having a romantic few days away while her parents mind the kids 30 miles away in their house
  15. I'm in the middle of the city so lots of light pollution. Funny that I never considered the lights a bad thing until this month!
  16. Finally thought I should post something here. I'm based in Dublin (Ireland not America) I finally got my first and second scopes last week. After a lot of thinking, looking and advice I went against all the advice and saved myself €700 by buying a second hand scope and goto mount. Next of course came the means of powering it and looking through it which was sorted yesterday. I'm now awaiting everything to arrive by post and the opportunity to survey the clouds in detail. I assume that's the idea since we get more cloudy nights than clear ones....it wouldnt make sense
  17. Great story....hope to be doing the same with my five year old and my first scope ( mine not his. :))
  18. Just ordered my subscription after finding this thread. At €34 delivered I can't go wrong .
  19. The plano trunks look interesting . I suppose a lot of it depends on where you want to keep the ota. I've a shed but the fabric cases could go mouldy in the damp. At least a plastic case is relatively well sealed.
  20. I was looking at golf bag covers yesterday which were a possibility. Also came across an Ali case (w/foam) 890*290*250 mm but its cutting it close. About £40 plus p&p
  21. thanks for your help. I picked up the Phaze power pack today and ordered a power cable from astronomiser.
  22. Just to update. I've ordered an 8 mm & 18 mm BST Starguider from skies unlimited for £49. Reviews seems to be fairly good so here's hoping. I've also got the Meade 26 mm and a 2x Barlow so I should be covered for most things. My new star travel 80 will also have a 10 & 20 mm. I'm just glad I got a good deal on my scope and didn't pay the €1000 I was initially going to pay. I also picked up a neximage camera for €75 I'm almost ready to look at the clouds in detail
  23. Thanks guys. Have a phaze ordered from Halfords. ( we have most of the English chain stores here) Which power lead do I need to order ?
  24. My Meade LXD75 came with a battery pack which will cost a fortune to run. I've been reading about the use of Jump starters or Li-ion power packs. What do I need to buy to connect them to the mount? I just don't see anything recent and anything I've seen at this stage has dead links. Thanks
  25. Tanks for the link Astro Imp According to it I should be getting an 8mm, 18mm & 25 mm. Ive checked what came with the scope. I have a Meade 4000 26mm Super Plossl. I've also ordered a x2 Barlow. The ST80 has a 10mm & 20mm but I'm not sure of their quality, Perhaps anyone with one can comment. Budget wise I suppose I'm thinking the £40-50 mark. I then need to convert that to real money €50 - €65 (looks more painful now But I reckon 2 relatively decent EPS will will make it a nice set so its not too bad. I'm reading some good things about BSG's but others may have better suggestion
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