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  1. Had a disappointing night with no moon and my compact camera/mobile no good for stars. so i looking at getting a dslr body but what else do need to fit it to my 1.25mm lens aperture.
  2. Loving this comment as was looking through posts for tips on EPs In particular smaller ones. The concern was being able to see through them, however this post was a lightbulb over head moment realising that there is a use for my x2 and getting a wider ep rather than squinting and not enjoying. Clearly I joined the right astronomy site.
  3. spacejammed

    Hi From Corby

    Hi, welcome to SGL. In my opinion the best place to come for help and advice.
  4. wondering how i can rig my go pro to my scope

  5. spacejammed

    Lunar shots

    Various lunar shots as and when taken
  6. My first Lunar images taken with my Sky watcher 1309 with eq2 mount taken with Samsung A5 using camera FV-5 lite android app. also tried a cheap webcam for telescopes off eBay but getting nothing but guess that's what i get for spending £8. please give my pointers good or bad on photos but I also looking for suggestions on a pc attachable camera that i can control focus etc on and software that is easy to understand/configure
  7. spacejammed

    Hi from UK

    Welcome to SGL only been here a week myself but the help and tips has been invaluable
  8. Orion is well featured were I am but what do I need to be doing to see the nebula I have skywatcher 1309 do I need to use that barlow or not using a 25mm wide got me loads just trying to get something amazing 2nd sight was great for me tonight but craving some colour.
  9. Thanks for amazing advice have had a 2nd light without the Barlow lense just using the 25 wide, confirmed I was looking at castor and pollux of Gemini now seen much clearer. Moving round to orion belt as 11yr old was interested and to see 3 on the belt and Bellatrix picked up on right which seemed quite bright thanks for tips about not using the Barlow it worked. Looking forward to moon and photos next week.
  10. Ok first light: Skywatcher bk1309 EQ2 Got about an hour before cloud returned seen what I believe to be polaris aka north star. And second star quiet close I find the 25mm with 2x Barlow was ok for that but using the 10mm lost them so not rating the 10mm. Not 100% that it was north star, it was the brightest to naked eye but by my compass it was more to the east so not 100% on my setup. or slight haze may have been dimming Polaris at a guess I was probably looking at Pollux and Castor Looking around randomly could just make out a cluster of stars quite a lot but even with 25mm on barlow×2 it was still very distant. So some advise and some questions 1. is polaris at compass north 2.do i look at getting a barlow x 3 or getting bigger lens like 40mm?
  11. spacejammed


    Hi jay I have a skywatcher 130mm what you think of the 10mm lense?
  12. I am new to the forum corky got myself a skywatcher 1309 130mm lots of setup on eq2 but even my 13 year old is picking up the idea and that about 329.99 with motor good luck with new hobby
  13. spacejammed

    Hi from Glasgow

    Welcome and have fun
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