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  1. Afternoon Guys, Just wanted to share a shot I took the other evening just by holding my iPhone up to the 20mm eyepiece in my scope. I have a Celestron PS1000 (It gets many mixed reviews but so far i've been pretty amazed with all of the planets/nebs I've observed) I was just wandering if anybody had any experience of attaching a Canon camera to this type of scope for deep sky imaging? I have a motor drive on the way and have the hang of polar aligning so tracking should be fine.. What do I need to attach the camera, thoughts and recommendations of image quality achievable? Thanks!
  2. Very small world ha! I've just come back in from a nice little hour outside - M42 found really nicely - amazing view! If only our eyes could see the clouding in colour! Had a bit of a "point and look" at a few orange stars too! Now just inside checking out Stellarium to get an insight on what to have a look at next until the planets are back up in the morning! Think i may be on for a late late night ha.
  3. Awesome replies already - thanks again guys. Will post to let you all know how the evening/early morning goes! Looking at getting both a webcam for planet imaging and an adapter for my canon 60D for the deep stuff so as soon as I do that i'll try form some sort of beginners/newbie gallery! Cheers!
  4. Hey guys, Had some really good feedback on my first post a few days ago so thanks again for all who contributed! So as I said previously I've just been bought a 5" reflector and I've been focusing mainly on observing the moon and Jupiter as these seem to be the easiest objects to find in the sky at the moment! As all of the planets are early morning I was wondering if anybody could point me in the right direction on finding say.. a relatively easy to find M42 or something else interesting to observe in the late evenings when its nice and clear like now! What are the best things to view on lower magnifications? Im in Devon and its really nice and dark/clear where I am! Many thanks in advance!
  5. To all of the above, Thank you for all the information! That makes complete sense - I was getting confused with aligning the scope with Polaris as I was trying to figure out in my head how on earth to then search for objects if the scope was aligned but of course its the EQ mount you align! Rookie error ha! I'm around 14 miles from Exeter, not far at all. I will look in to picking up a copy of that book too, as with everything research and learning is key! Thanks again. Steve.
  6. Good Afternoon, Where to start! So many questions. So this Christmas my partner got me my first ever telescope. Astronomy has always fascinated me so to open this up was absolutely amazing. Its a Celestron scope with a 5 Inch reflector (1000mm focal length) and a 5x24 finder scope mounted on an Equatorial mount. The kit came with three lenses, a 20mm, 12mm, 4mm and a green colored moon filter. Oh and a 3 x barlow lens. So I followed the instructions and have it counter balanced in both RA and DEC but haven't had chance to polar align it due to the cloudy nights/mornings we seem to be having plenty of where i live! Could somebody point me in the best direction for aligning the scope with Polaris? Do I first need my Latitude or am I confusing that with something else? So far I have managed to get out and see both the Moon and Jupiter (Including the Galilean moons) during breaks in the cloud using the 20mm which has been rather satisfying but I would like some help/recommendation on which lenses to use to observe the view-able planets under best magnification? Hopefully once I can get the scope aligned (which I believe helps with tracking?) I would like to attempt to view some deep sky objects.. would that be possible with this scope and current lenses? If so could anybody offer some advice as to what to be looking for for a newbie and how best to find it? Finally photography is my other interest - now I was looking at adapters for a Canon DSLR etc but i've seen some amazing results with modded webcams instead which definitely interests me, I keep reading about a phillips one that uses a CCD sensor as opposed to CMOS im assuming that's the most important part of using that specific camera? Does anybody know where I could possibly pick one up as they seem to be rare as rocking horse! If not are there many alternatives that produce the same results? So apologies for the long post I'm just hoping to pry the best information from you guys with the experience to help me along the way! If there's any hints/tips/advice for a newbie with my setup that i haven't asked for i'd still greatly appreciate it! Regards!
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