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  1. Is it possible to get a tabular list or spreadsheet of positions (RA, DEC) against time for the period? Steve
  2. It's worthwhile checking the collimation of your laser collimator. When I got mine it was miles out.
  3. I have to take out and set up my 200p every session and I find that it does go out of collimation fairly regularly so it is worth practicing. I discovered one time that one of the locking screws on the main mirror adjustment had loosened which I think caused some problems but I'm afraid to overtighten in case I distort the mirror.
  4. A neighbour of my sister had some tall trees at the back of her house beyond the end of the garden which overshadowed her garden. They were growing on a patch of land alongside a road. She applied and got permission from the council to reduce the trees by a third so she hired a contractor to carry out the work. However when the work was done she found that there had been a misunderstanding over what 'reducing by a third' meant. She thought it meant that the height would be reduced by one third but the council and therefore the contractor meant that the crown would be thinned by about a third.
  5. Just a quick question. I've been looking at various videos about how to collimate an RC scope which I understand is important. Most of the videos recommend various gadgets to assist and these come to a significant cost. I wondered if you'd looked into it and had ordered any of these gadgets or are you going to wait till you get it? Steve
  6. I see. The website for uk.telescope.com is offering the orion RC telescope at £966 wherever it's shipped from but I see that the expected deliver date is October 2021. FLO are offering what I think is an identical scope at £999 but is out of stock so probably all this is a bit academic. I just wanted to establish that it is the same scope made in the same factory so quality should be the same. Basically there would be no point in picking one of them over the other except for reasons of price or delivery. Thanks everyone. I think we've done that to death now. Cheers Steve
  7. Ok. So the Orion 8inch RC scope is the same scope and made in the same factory as the StellaLyra 8 inch RC scope from FLO except that the Orion scope is £34 cheaper.
  8. Sorry for being dense. From what you say GSO could be supplying the same scope to orion under the orion brand and also to FLO under the StellaLyra brand.
  9. I completely understand about the possible difference in quality. I was just surprised that two manufacturers would offer apparently identical items. They look exactly the same apart from a difference in livery. As if one manufacturer had copied the design of the other or perhaps that say GSO was making all of them and supplying some to synta with orion livery as well. It seems unlikely since Taiwan and mainland China are not the best of friends.
  10. Thanks, I'm only confused as far as Orion and GSO are offering what appear to be identical scopes (apart from the colour of the tube and the logo) so I wondered if there was some kind of tie up.
  11. Looking into this type of telescope I see that FLO sell a brand called StellaLyra. From what I understand these are made in Taiwan by GSO. Orion also sell one which seems to have an identical specification but as I understand it they are made in China. It seems too much of a coincidence that these scopes are so similar in spec even down to the vixen rail at the top and the Losmandy rail at the bottom. I wondered if anyone knew about this. Cheers Steve
  12. Perhaps the problem your wife has is not the money but your time. You spend too much time on your hobby and not enough on her. Just an idea. I bet quite a few of us have had that conversation about getting another telescope. "You've already go three. Why do you need another one." Likewise - a new guitar, a new golf club, etc etc.
  13. I use APT and ASTAP. I assume you've installed the ASTAP H17 or H18 star databases? Make sure you have the correct focal length setting under the "Tools"/ "Object Calculator". It doesn't have to be exact but it helps if it's near otherwise the plate solve times out. If ASTAP doesn't work APT also allows you to install PS2 and ASPS as alternative plate solvers which you can select under Point Craft/Settings. I can almost always get one or the other to work. I use APT with EQMOD and Cartes du Ciel. My routine is to slew to the target via CdC. First time it's always
  14. I had quite a big dob. I bought an adjustable chair like this one https://www.amazon.co.uk/Leifheit-Multi-Seat-Niveau-White/dp/B0000DH7KA/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=ironing+chair&qid=1622381321&sr=8-2 I've seen them called ironing chairs but I found it very convenient observing at the eyepiece. The only problem I had with the dob was that the base was very heavy and I had to move it in and out of the shed each time. Moving the base first and then the scope. Steve
  15. I agree. I use the eqdir connection and bypass the handset altogether. Sometimes I find it useful to have hand control in which case I use a wireless game controller through eqmod. The model I have is Molyhood Xbox 360 controller. It was easy to setup and it's very convenient to use at the eyepiece or finder. About £25 from amazon.
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