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  1. Ah so im doing it without knowing i am..haha. Thanks for the tips. What software would you recommend? Alan
  2. Sorry for the newbie question but what do you mean by afocal? I am more interested in creating star trails and imaging the constellations to start with anyway. I have an adaptor to attach my samsung s8 to my scope and it can actually capture pretty decent close ups of the moon so i will focus more on the stars Alan
  3. I dont have a webcam, only o e built into my laptop. My scope is a 130Eq. Not the greatest but im very much a beginner Alan
  4. Thanks for the advice. I have an 18-50mm zoom alreay so may see what i can do with it. I do also have a scope...how do i attach the camera to it?
  5. Hello I Currently own a canon 1300d and want to make use of it. All i have is the standard lense but am looking to buy others. Could you please tell me which lens would be suited to: Star trails Constellations The moon Also, is this camera capable of capturing planets and what lense would best do this Many thanks
  6. Hi all I would like to try and capture star trails but i am really not too sure about how to go about it. I have a canon 1300d and have a remote shutter. Could any one give me some tips on approprite settings or.is there a guide somewhere? Thanks ALAN
  7. Did u hold the camera at the eyepiece or do you use an adaptor? Alan
  8. Here are some photos i've managed to get by holding the phone at the EP: Not clear, partially because i wasn't able to hold the camera still but i guess they are a record of what I could see. These were taken just before and after sunset a month or so back I just found that tonight I couldn't find or focus the camera on anything. Not sure what I was doing wrong Alan
  9. Hi all I was out with my humble Celstron 130EQ (first scope as a gift) and was having a look at the moon and Jupiter. Could even see some of the bands - I was pleased as I i know my scope has limitations. However, I would love to get some photos of what i was seeing: Is it possible to take photos through the EP with a smartphone camera at night? I was having real difficulty finding the target while trying to line up the phone with the EP and then was hard to get it to focus? Is there something available to hold it in place? (Samsung galaxy S6 edge) Or could anyone recommend a camera that would be suitable? many thanks ALan
  10. stunning - i would love to be able to do these kind of things - im a total beginner so one step at a time! Alan
  11. Hey Yes I have a scope but as you mentioned, I would like a pair of bins to sit by my side. Just starting out with the whole hobby so your advice and everyone else's is much appreciated. Alan
  12. which size would allow for using hand held? Alan
  13. anything between 50 and 100 would be ok alan
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