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  1. Thanks Stargazer. As you say, the scope is much improved with the FT focuser, but if anyone wants it with just the helical, I will PM you. Lis
  2. MrsGnomus

    Skywatcher AZ GTi Help

    PM sent
  3. MrsGnomus

    Skywatcher AZ GTi Help

    We wondered if that could be a factor and tried new batteries as well as a different external power pack. It made no difference. If we do “point and track” after a “go to” then the mount tracks pretty accurately it just doesn’t start tracking properly after a “go to” if we don’t then go into the sub menu and select point and track.
  4. This is the Pressure Tuned 50mm, f/7 Hydrogen-alpha scope from Lunt. It has the larger B600 blocking filter, which is the better option for imaging. I bought this from FLO 10 months ago. I bought it with the helical focuser, but I very quickly upgraded this to the Feathertouch. The focuser is also for sale, but this would add £185 to the price for a total of £1,065 shipped. I still have the original packaging and the scope would be shipped in this. However, there is also an ED80 case which I customised to fit the Lunt and I would be happy to discuss including this for a small consideration. If you want the case, however, then the scope would really need to be collected/meet-half-way, since it would I think be too awkward to ship. The scope is in A1 condition and I am only selling it because I recently got hold of a Lunt 60. Price with helical focuser: £880 Price with FT focuser (+ helical focuser): £1,065 The scope is also for sale on UKABS.
  5. MrsGnomus

    Skywatcher AZ GTi Help

    Ours is being collected this afternoon and is going back to the importer for repair/replacement. We had the same behaviour with both versions (pro and standard) of the App although we have never tried the android version of the App. Not sure what version of the App others were using.
  6. MrsGnomus

    Skywatcher AZ GTi Help

    The first test that we were asked to run is as follows:- Hi, The SkyWatcher engineer has asked the questions below: Please ask the customer to help us identify the problem by doing the following test. 1. GOTO an object that is not close to meridian. 2. Choose "Utility\Information" 3. Write down the "R.A./Dec" readings. The reading should be pretty stable or only changes very slowly. - it wasn't stable 4. Observe the "Axis" readings, they should keep changing. 5. Tap the readings regularly to prevent the screen turned off. If the "R.A./Dec" readings should not change fast, that means the tracking is working normally. If the "R.A./Dec" reading changes quickly, please check "Setting\Auciliary Encoder". If it is turned on, turn it off and do the above test again. Please use menu “Utility\Information” to check the App version and the motor board version. Please also let us know what phone and OS were used to control the mount. When we did this the RA/Dec readings changed very quickly. The auxiliary encoder was already turned off. This morning we were asked to do the following:- Please test again and check: Did the two readings in Row “Axis” change? - Yes Can you use direction buttons to slew the two axes? - Yes What icon shows on the upper-right corner of the App? Please tap the icon and then see which row is checked? Check “Sidereal” if it is not check and then get back to watch “R.A./Dec” readings. - Sidereal was already checked We have fed back all of the observations to our vendor who is waiting for a further response from SkyWatcher Our mount will do an accuarte GoTo after the initial alignment but does not track at all unless we use "Point and Track".
  7. MrsGnomus

    Skywatcher AZ GTi Help

    We have now contacted our vendor who has been in contact with Skywatcher on our behalf. Yesterday we were asked to run a test and the results of that have now been sent off to Skywatcher. Our unit didn’t seem to behave as it should have done during the test so we are now waiting for further feedback from Skywatcher/our vendor. Hopefully we will get it sorted shortly.
  8. MrsGnomus

    Skywatcher AZ GTi Help

    Did you ever get to the bottom of this, Al? We bought one of these units for a trip to the US and we encountered precisely the same problem as you. We got a successful alignment, a reasonably good GOTO, but then it wouldn't track. We were able to get it to track, but only if after the alignment and GOTO we clicked 'Point and Track'. However, this was inconvenient since with most objects 'Point and Track' was in a submenu. We contacted Skywatcher US who confirmed that the mount should just start tracking after GOTO. But our unit - just like yours - does not do that. Like you we have tried the latest firmware.
  9. MrsGnomus


    We have at least managed some visual astronomy while we have been away - a splendid impromptu star party just outside Joshua Tree National Park on Saturday and then two afternoons and evenings at the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff on Monday and Tuesday including a view of the moon through the 24” refractor that they have there. Last night we managed to get set up in Arches National Park for an hour or so with our travel mount and scope so he isn’t being too deprived....and then there is always Team Viewer.....
  10. MrsGnomus


    Looking good Barry. @gnomus is gnashing at the teeth to have a g(n)o at the data but is going to have to be patient for a couple more weeks.
  11. We also have a Lukehurst Dob. I made a shroud for ours and it now lives permanently assembled in its own roll off shed. You can find the thread here We have made a couple of amendments in the last few months. Our secondary is covered in a drawstring chamois bag when the scope is not in use. We also got David Lukehurst to fit some rare earth magnets to the wooden cover for the primary so that it is held in place when the scope is stored horizontally - this also holds a chamois in place over the primary. ( It helps that we are only about 30 miles away from where he lives/works). I have also made a large microfibre bag which can go over the top end of the scope to help keep beasties off the telrad etc. Having it fully assembled and effectively outside means that set up time is minimal. Occasional cleaning is still required but this has been minimal.
  12. MrsGnomus

    Eq8 problem mounting side-by-side

    Glad it all worked out in the end.... just needed a bit of lateral thinking or as Gnomus says ‘womansplaining’!
  13. MrsGnomus

    Eq8 problem mounting side-by-side

    When we were setting up our dual rig we weighed all of the components including the FLO/JTD alignment saddle and managed to get both sides including cameras and filter wheels within 0.3 kg of each other by looking at the various weight combinations. Assuming that you are talking about the same alignment saddle my recollection is that it is around 2 kg. If you mounted your Vixen VC200L on that you would have around 9 kg on that side of the mount and 10 kg at the other end. This would mean that you will have to slide the bar a much shorter distance to get balance and avoid the crunch you described. Unless there is a reason why you can’t put the VC200L onto the alignment saddle I would have thought that this would have been the best solution as it avoids the need for either a longer dovetail bar or the use of counterweights.
  14. I have no idea if I used Gaussian blur or not! What I did use is Noel’s Deep Space Noise Reduction. It’s entirely possible that Gaussian blur is one of the steps in that recipe.
  15. In the Gnomus household we think that the majority of the skill is in the processing and not in the mechanics of setting up the equipment. Even I can tighten up bolts and plug in cables! We have had a few trips to Olly’s and watching him process his data (not all of which could be described as pristine ) has helped us both enormously. I would go as far as saying that it was only after the first of those trips that our processing started to go in the right direction. I still have the copious notes that I made while Steve processed the Seagull image that I use as my avatar under Olly’s supervision. Each time we go we learn something new - for example on our last visit it was which brand of self destructing filter wheels to avoid!

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