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  1. So would I! A couple of months ago I started drawing up a list of potential galaxy targets for the TEC/QSI690 rig that Steve and Barry have at E-EyE - when I checked the list this morning NGC 3718 (& NGC 3729) was the first thing I had put on the list. Olly has the same FOV with the Atik 460 side of the twin TEC rig.......
  2. The fastest way to check that out would be to look at the Astrobin pages for either of them as all of the E-EyE images end up there. A quick look today seems to show that when they are doing LRGB(Ha) images with the Tak that the ratio seems to vary between 2.5:1:1:1 and 2:1:1:1.
  3. Steve and Barry seem to have settled on around 2:1:1:1 as a ratio for LRGB subs on the TEC/QSI690 combination that they have set up in Spain. I guess that at present you are getting closer to 3:1:1:1. That would fit with you thinking that you need to get more colour from the Moravian side of the rig. Which camera will you be using to shoot the Ha? I can’t remember which Ha filter you have in the 460 but obviously know what is installed in the Moravian. Either way it looks like we will have quite a lot of data to play with once we get home.?
  4. No luck so far......we leave tomorrow for a couple of weeks touring - you will have to keep your fingers crossed for a big win when we get back here again....
  5. Maybe you should get one and thoroughly test it for the rest of us by putting your dual Tak rig back into action ?.
  6. ADM make one which looks remarkably like the original Cassady T-GAD. https://www.admaccessories.com/product/tgad-tandem-guiding-aiming-device-altaz-aiming-device-for-side-by-side-systems/ I am in the US at the moment and was idly looking for second hand Cassady’ on Astromart and discovered the news that ADM are producing them via that route. Unfortunately they are an eye watering $550 new - I dread to think how much it would cost to buy one in the U.K. - second mortgage territory?
  7. Olly is using the Cassidy T-GAD as the adjustment saddle not the JTD saddle. Not sure what the payload is for the T-GAD as they are no longer being manufactured (the guy who machined them has retired).
  8. You can run two instances of SGP on one PC - we have done this at home - dithering needs to be switched off though. We set up and save different equipment profiles for both sides of the rig and then make sure that one profile is active in one instance of SGP and that the other profile is active in the second instance. Only one profile controls guiding and doing the meridian flip. You will obviously lose a sub on the secondary camera when the mount flips. I believe that Olly is using one PC/laptop per camera - we have run that system at home as well with one PC purely taking care of data c
  9. This is the first one from the new TEC140/QSI690/GM2000 rig. As you can imagine Steve is completely insufferable again this morning.........
  10. I agree. We were pleasantly surprised with the write up when we looked at the APOD site this morning.
  11. Actually todays is Steve’s third APOD. If you are interested the first one is here:- https://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap180906.html As you can imagine he is even more unbearable than usual ? Lis
  12. Olly you forgot the most important step - “iteration”. You may need “process” several dozen eggs before you get one that is edible.
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