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  1. +1. Halfords was (or still is) £39. I've used mine on an AVX with Starsense and Wifi adapter AND the LED light (with red theatre light gel over it) for HOURS, and recharge takes less than 1 hour. Just make sure you don't run it flat...recharge after every use is recommended, else the gel battery dies permanently.
  2. Thanks Peter, that's just what I suspected but as a newbie, I wasn't sure what would fit where, on what and how! Hmmmm....some thinking to do Ivor
  3. Hi I have a skywatcher explorer 130 on a celestron avx mount using the original rings and a medium dovetail. Can i physically fit the starsense camera to ota without modification? I also intend to buy an 8 or 10 quattro and use the starsense on that too. Can it be done?? Thanks
  4. Do you have Halfords in Ireland? If so, get a "Phaze 4 in 1" jumpstarter. They are £39 at the moment.....17Ah, with 2 cigarette lighter outputs and a USB and an LED torch (just cover it with red film or theatre gel. I use one on my AVX....runs forever (well almost) http://www.halfords.com/workshop-tools/garage-equipment/jump-leads/phaze-4-in-1-jump-starter Or maybe they'll ship....???? Ivor
  5. Hello to all you experts - from a humble indecisive beginner. OK, so I bought a Skywatcher 130 (not the "p" or any other suffix....just a plain old Explorer 130 on a EQ2 mount). It was a sort of an impulse buy, having seen it in the window of the well-known photographic chain that vanished from the U.K. High Street a few years ago, but is now making a come-back. I say an impulse, I've always been interested in the night sky, but never bothered to buy any scopes until now. So...the bug has bitten...including some planetary AP....I carry the rig out to the garden on the few clear sky nights we've had...tonight saw the crescent moon with the 25mm EP and said something along the lines of "flamin' 'eck...that's *$%"*&&!@@ good" Now.....I HATE the EQ2, and so my eyes wandered off (online) to an Az-Alt mount which happened to carry a Nexstar 8se with the controller. Yum yum I said (...I just LURVE technology), and the thought of this scope moving around all by itself...can't wait to see what the dog makes of it all....made me think "I WANT ONE". But then I start to read about the 5se versus the 8 (or even 6) se (because of the "built-in wedge, and because of the cost and because of the lighter weight), so just as I thought I'd decided, I'm now prevaricating over the choice of scope, and have wasted a good week wondering which way I should turn. I'm 50/50 over deciding whether I'm more interested in visual as opposed to AP, and if its AP, whether I'd be happy to stick to planetary, or go for DSO. Or will it all change and I'll go back to Amateur Radio?? Help!!! Someone make (or help) the decision for me....my brain hurts. Ivor - in darkest Devon...VERY little pollution here!
  6. Hi I only started yesterday. If you have a Jessops store near you (yes they ARE back on the high street), pop in a take a look at the SkyWatcher MK1302 EQ2,,,Its what I got...they are selling at £139 at the mo...(a real gem of a bargain) and with the reviews its got and tiny amount of experience I have with mine, I think its the best. Though other experienced ops here will suggest maybe better starters, I don't think you'd be disappointed with it.
  7. Ivor52

    Hi everyone

    Yup...just fascinated by "it all". My late father was into astronomy in a big way (probably where I get my interest from, though I was too young to understand what his interest was)...I guess some newbies expect to see Pluto as if it was just down the road. If all I ever get to "explore" and see in detail is the moon, I'll be a happy amateur.
  8. Ivor52

    Hi everyone

    Hi Dave Yes indeed...that is the beast I have, and after reading EQ2 alignment and totally ignoring it in my excitement to brave the relative cold last night (as it was a beautiful clear sky), I am now totally hooked. I just pointed it into what looked like blackness after letting my eyes get used to the dark (mainly so I wouldn't trip over the dog who was also fascinated in insisted on coming out with me. Well....hey....black sky??? No way...there were zillions of white dots!!! Sorry to all you seasoned astronomers thinking...yeah we all go through that stage......(i AM new to all this!!) This morning, having calmed down, I properly aligned the red dot finder (so much easier in daylight...I'm lucky and live in the middle of the Devon countryside so light pollution is negligible...as are street or buildings lights). Tonight is polar alignment, and then I'm cooking on gas!!! I DO want to affix my Nikon D5000 DSLR to it all, so have googled, but may need some practical advice from this forum Happy New Year to all Ivor
  9. Ivor52

    Hi everyone

    Hi guys and thanks for the welcome(s) First noob mistake...Its a Skywatcher reflector NOT Stargazer !!!! assembled....but trying to get my head round the "red dot finder". More reading methinks Oooppss....
  10. Ivor52

    Hi everyone

    Just joined....hope I can get much advice and help as I am a total beginner and noob at this. I was shopping in town this morning, and came across the Stargazer BK1309-EQ2 at a bargain price. Saw it in the window, and asked if the price was just for the tube, or if it included the tripod and everything. When they said yes...my jaw dropped, and out came the credit card. Right, off to assemble the thing and hope for some clear skies into the new year!
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