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  1. I was in my local newsagents a few days ago and noticed an advertisement in the window amongst the items for sale. It was for a Celestron Powerseeker 80EQ. It said the telescope was boxed and had never been opened and included some extra eyepieces. The price was £65 o.n.o. I thought about it and decided to go and have a look. This is the model of telescope I was going to get a few weeks ago but after seeking advice on here I purchased a pair of binoculars instead. The telescope was as advertised, still in the box and as new. The extra eyepieces were Ostara Plossl in 10mm, 20mm and 30mm and there was a Seben 2x Achromatic super Barlow Lens. All purchased new but never used. After some discussion I made the Gentlemen an offer of £50 and after a few minutes he agreed to my offer. So as the title of this topic says, I think I got a bargain. It made my Grandson very happy and will give us something besides the binoculars to play with until I can afford something bigger and better later on.
  2. Once again thank you all for your input. I am going to decide what to go with on my tablet, phone and pc over the weekend.
  3. Hello Alan and welcome to SGL. This is a great place to be and learn. Many thanks and kind regards Craig (Skybot)
  4. Starbot

    Quick Hello!

    Welcome to SGL. This is a great place for information with friendly members always willing to help. Many thanks and kind regards Craig (Skybot)
  5. Welcome. Enjoy the site. Everything you need by way of information is here as well as a friendly atmosphere. Many thanks and kind regards Craig (Skybot)
  6. Starbot

    Hi from UK

    Welcome. I am a newcomer myself and I am finding this site very informative and the members very helpful. Many thanks and kind regards Craig (Skybot)
  7. Thank you for the input from all who have posted a reply so far. Something for me to think about there and a few more apps for me to look at. Many thanks and kind regards Craig (Skybot)
  8. I am looking for an astronomy app for my android tablet. I am torn between two, Stellarium or Mobile Observatory. Both look very good with Mobile Observatory having the better reviews in the android store. I would like to know what those members who use either of these, or any other astronomy apps, think. Many thanks and kind regards Craig (Skybot)
  9. Thank you all for the warm welcome. We are already learning from the site.
  10. Thank you for all your comments and advice. After taking everything into consideration I have decided to take the advice given by Darkstar_1 I have ordered the Meade Astro Binoculars and something for my Grandson to use up the vouchers and we are going to take our time and find the right telescope at a later date from a specialised dealer. Once again thank you for the much appreciated response from you all. To Darkstar_1, I am in fact a Brierfielder myself. My parents and Grandparents were Publicans in Brierfield in my younger days. Small world.
  11. I have recently joined the forum and I have placed a post in Introductions with regards to myself and my Grandson. I have around £150 in Argos vouchers (Argos is a store here in the UK) and thought I would use them to buy our first telescope, just something to get us going. One I have looked at and read a few reviews about is the Celestron Powerseeker 80EQ Astronomical Telescope HERE. This looks like a good starter telescope but would welcome opinions, advice on this. Many thanks and kind regards Craig (Skybot)
  12. Greetings to all members. I have just joined the forum so I thought I would drop by and say hi. I live in Colne, Lancashire in the North West of England, UK. I have a lot of time on my hands these days so I decided to find something to do and share with my Grandson that we both are interested in. After talking with my Grandson we found we had a shared interest in astronomy. Let me point out from the start that we are complete beginners and will literally have to start from the very beginning, (a very good place to start). Sorry almost burst into song there...lol We have discovered that we are only 17 miles from The Astronomy Centre based above Todmorden in the North West of England and so will be paying them a visit in the very near future. I recently subscribed to The Sky At Night magazine and have found various websites to read and discover things we need to know. Many thanks and kind regards Craig (Skybot)
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