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  1. I took a look at Venus last evening and was quite disappointed as i thought i would see it as a full planet, however reading this thread i guess what i saw is what it is, a shakey half moon with various colours flitting around and quite hard to bring into focus, Being closer to Earth than Saturn i thought it would have looked better tbh.
  2. That Grass is like a carpet compared to Kielder last week Have a gud un
  3. Had a great time at Kielder got 2 clear night's Weds & Friday, Great event, Helpful people and what an amazing sky. Thanks to everyone for their help. Steve & Liam
  4. We are going up a day early(Wednesday) now, all packed and ready to go.
  5. Thanks Scarp15 great advice as ever, Now what are we gonna do about the weather, long range forecast doesn't look too promising
  6. I have some thermal blanket double layered with like bubble wrap inbetween, also have a cover for the scope made out of it, would some of this be any advantage if i put it round the whole tube? Just a thought!! Steve
  7. Still the best post on the site. Great read and very helpful.
  8. What did you do to clear the 2nd mirror Laudropb please? thanks
  9. I took a picture of the sunset in Kyrenia Northern Cyprus last year and have just been messing about with it on the laptop, i just changed the saturation and tint and what a result. Taken on I Phone 5s Tip the screen back and it changes completely.
  10. Please can someone clarify the dew issue for me, I have a Skywatcher 200p dob and am heading to Kielder star fest in 2 weeks, Will i get Dew with a Dob? Do i need to make a Dew guard as others have done, and if i do get a problem what do i do with the hairdryer to clear it, Where do i aim the dryer as in down the tube or?????? Thanks
  11. Don't forget the ISS is passing all this week and is visible here in the UK.
  12. I understand your thoughts completely Ray, it is the be all and end all of life and if only ordinary people realized the importance of it. tut tut.. lol When one sees the NASA videos of the solar flares it tells me just how fragile it looks,and what an amazing center piece it is to our solar system bubbling away up there.
  13. BrantUK beat me too it, My fave new statement " In space there is no upside down" Got me as well until i thought about it hehe
  14. Welcome from another relative New Person(Hate the term Newbie lol) I hope you get the thrill i got when looking for the 1st time, Saturn and it's rings Boom!!! loved it, I was looking every night for a week lol. Still cannot believe how many stars there are up there that u can't see with your eyes, It is a great hobby and don't let the jargon confuse you M31 this M35 that, a bit of internet searching and you soon find a way, or your way of piecing it all together. And finally anything you want to know just ask these guys on SGL, No one will take the pee and claim your stupid, no one will slate
  15. I have to say it fascinates me, and having recently got my 1st Scope i cannot wait to get a filter and have a look, While on the subject any recommendations for a Skywatcher 200 Dob filter?? Can you see it actually moving and producing solar flares or does this require more powerful scopes?? thanks
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