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  1. Thank you, cant wait to get out, looks like clear skies tonight :hello1:
  2. Hi all, I need a little advice please, i'm thinking about upgrading from a canon 300D to a 350/400D with lense, charger ect, what sort of price would i be looking at to buy one s/h used? :scratch: Thanks & clear skies Brett
  3. Hi all, got everything i need for deepsky imaging, just need the clouds to clear so i can get out and test it all Ive brought a pair of ADM guide rings, ambermile dual mount bar & one of the best bits of kit the ambermile bubble level, saves loads of time when setting up :hello1:
  4. Yep there the one's, i'll order a synta 150mm bar, thanks for the advice Clear Skies Brett
  5. Hi arthur, i use a HEQ5 PRO with a dual mounting ambermile bar Brett
  6. Hi all, just got a pair of ADM guide scope rings, i'm going to use my ZS66 to guide with, what size dove tail bar do i need to get? Thanks & Clear Skies Brett
  7. Thanks guys Can't wait to get out again, now ive sorted PHD guiding. Clear Skies Brett
  8. Hi all, After playing around with PHD guiding :scratch: managed to get this pic of M31. Taken with my 80ED pro & 300D+ CLS filter clip, guided with a WO66 & DSI + PHD 6 x 300sec lights ISO 800 only one dark. Stacked in DSS & gimp. **Best click on m31CLS,jpg otherwise pic is too big** Clear Skies Brett
  9. Hi All, i have photoshop 7 is it possible to change raws & tiff into jpeg? so i can post my images on stargazers lounge. Brett
  10. Ok, thanks guys, thought i had a problem with my camera Glad its just amp glow Thanks for all your advice brett
  11. Ive started getting red glowing in the corner of my raw images. Is it amp glow or something to do with my CLS filter clip? Image taken with 300D + CLS filter clip, ISO 800 5min sub. Brett
  12. Hi Andy, i had to replace mine. I brought a mains power adaptor for my HEQ5 pro, now i don't have to worry about charging anymore. I use my power tank now to run my 300D. Brett
  13. I have added another counterweight to the weight bar to compensate for the guide rings & dual mount bar. The HEQ5 weighs a ton now! Brett
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