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  1. This is the last one (fifth group), the rest didn't stack well and being small batches didn't gain much in doing so. This one is a stunner though, even with the artefacts
  2. number 2, there were only 6 in this batch and I could only get 5 to stack.
  3. That was well worth the effort Here's the first one, I'm doing the rest now. I stacked them, then stretched the image and applied a little sharpening and noise reduction. The second image is with the same post processing applied to one of the single images without stacking, just so you know it was worth it
  4. I reckon I can get something out of them for you. I’ll have a go this evening.
  5. I'll take this as an invitation to post more images then. Best get busy
  6. As an early adopter of this new technology, what additional benefits do I receive? Are there investment opportunities?
  7. So the thing is Rich, I can't help myself, I'm incorrigible!
  8. Or maybe not. I keep finding things I like. This one has just a hint of colour starting to appear, lots of detail on the illuminated side and just a smidgen of detail hiding in the shadows. Plus clouds of course.
  9. Well, maybe I'll find more that I like, who knows Incidentally I'm rather miffed. The meteorite strike was at 01:41:43 and I have an image at 01:41:42 and another at 01:41:44 but nothing in between. Sod's law! Chap from our society bagged an image of the flash though so well done him. Anyhoo, here's an image. I've just noticed I didn't mask the moon properly so it has a bit of a ring, but I still like it.
  10. Funnily enough I put the Mak out cooling before bed on Sunday but when I woke up and saw cloud I decided F13 would be pushing it past my cameras usable ISO limit and used the F10 refractor instead.
  11. I nearly didn't mate, but decided it was worth risking falling asleep at my desk for
  12. You're just rubbing it in that you don't have to wait 9 years
  13. If I achieve this and only this when rising for an early morning session, then I'm going to have a good day
  14. Thanks everyone. You can let the clouds get to you, but I choose to embrace them Here's a little bit of fun. A quick animation, 9 frames from start to finish..
  15. Lovely detailed image Michael, very nice indeed. Happy Birthday!
  16. Well, what a blast that was. I feared the alarm wouldn't wake me, or would wake the Present Mrs Foster. Happily, neither was true. I opened the door and was greeted by a blanket of cloud, but I setup nonetheless. The cloud started to clear soon after, at about 3:20am and a good time was had by all me. I have an arty image thanks to the still clearing clouds early on, a sequence of sorts and a widefield shot with a few stars at or near maximum. I may have sufficient data for an animation as well.
  17. Quickly processed one from just before totality. Now I'm off to bed for an hour
  18. Cracking set, well done. My processing will have to wait until after work alas.
  19. Clouds are back in force so back to bed for an hour before work I think. Happy with what I saw/captured though.
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