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  1. That is brilliant.. Loving your Obsy too
  2. I took this on 12th March this year. It's 30% of about 2000 frames captured with my Nikon at ISO 800 on the SW 130, processed in Registax. It's not the best, and probably not processed as well as it could be but I'm pleased with it, it's the first image I'd been able to capture where I really had a handle on what I was doing since getting the scope. Since getting the motor I'm sure things will improve by orders of magnitude as I don't have to worry about tracking objects, so I can concentrate on the image. I particularly like Langrenus, and Cleomedes/Tralles in this image. I don't kn
  3. Lovely Image Alexei. Cleomedes is one of my favourite craters I've observed so far.
  4. Just reread the first post in the thread and noticed the aperture limit of 102mm... Post deleted! Loving everybody else's images though.
  5. I'm moving to Surrey. 2 Hours I was out on Monday and the seeing was terrible. Barely any detail at all. Not disheartened though, fingers crossed for clear skies this weekend
  6. Good tip, I made a mark with a sharpie before I took the outer ring off the tube, so it should all be good in that respect. I'll do the same with the main cell section before I take that out to reattach the outer ring to the tube. And as I'm flocking the tube I'll be taking the spider off so collimation will be inevitable now that I think about it out loud. cheers both Clear skies.
  7. ah right, I didn't want to disturb the collimation screws or locking screws, just to make life a little easier when I was done. But I suppose a little bit of collimation required isn't that much easier than a lot of collimation required..
  8. So I've whipped the primary off the SW 130 to centre spot it and flock the tube, I'll also obviously be removing the secondary as well. The 4 screws around the OD of the cell are affixed to nuts on the inside of the tube which was easy enough to get off - I just did a little light prising to as I unscrewed the screws, but I don't anticipate it being an easy job to get the nuts and screws talking to each other again when I'm done. I could hold the bolt in grips with my arm down the tube while someone else does with the screw end of things, but I don't anticipate that being very easy t
  9. But isn't that a slippery slope? Before you know it you'll be buying bigger boards with higher resolving power, one each for planetary, lunar, DSO etc ?
  10. Added to my ever growing and probably unattainable target list!!! And to boot My brother's a massive trekkie so he'll be very interested!!!
  11. lol I was the same, absolutely buzzing, then yesterday I was watching something on Youtube and caught myself wishing I had 'one of those' (for about 8 bits of gear) Saying that though, my sensible self prevailed and instead I spent £14 on a clipboard, 2 little LED gooseneck lamps and some other gear for sketching my observations. I'm pleased that I have a sensible self, I'd be bankrupt otherwise
  12. It's always been the way I am. I took up photography with a 'prosumer' or 'bridge' camera and I wasn't satisfied that I'd 'learned the ropes' to a standard suitable to brandish an SLR until 9 years later and I captured (IMO anyway) some stunning images with that first camera. Same with fish keeping, stuck with small community tanks until I'd learned enough to care for more demanding cichlids and marine wildlife. etc and so on with the many hobbies I seem to have accumulated. I don't like doing things half assed, either do it well or not at all in fact it really bothers me to see missed opportu
  13. Thanks for a great report, It's great to read someone else had a great night last night as well popeye.
  14. Thanks. It's lovely to have her involved. She's eager to get out again as well which is absolutely brilliant.
  15. Me too mate, and the niece. She's stopping at ours tonight and after we got home she spent about an hour describing the session to my wife. Oh and also, while observing M42 I completely freaked. A satellite passed through my field of view (Flock 1E-6 if you must know, as a slightly OCD geek I love that I can find this out) and I have to admit I thought it might be alien invaders or planet 9 on a collision course for a moment!!!
  16. So I've been out a number of times since getting my SW 130 for Christmas but they've been hit and run affairs, specific targets, in the back yard (quite dark but not completely free of light pollution and obstructed views in 3 directions) getting used to the equipment and spending most of my time familiarising myself with using the German Equatorial and learning to star hop. I've shoved the Nikon DSLR on the end and taken a few pretty good images of the moon, even done some sketches, and I've seen some nice quick views but I've not really focused on observing properly. Tonight was different.
  17. Evening all. So I have not an artistic bone in my body in terms of pen/pencil/paint etc to paper. I'm a keen photographer and consider myself to have quite a good eye in that respect. I play musical instruments and love a bit of fine woodwork too so I'm clearly not lacking in creative juices, but I just haven't been able to translate what my eye sees to paper in the past. To be fair though, I've never really persevered. The last thing I drew was my 3rd year art project about a thousand years ago. I've always been of the belief that I can teach myself anything with the right guidance
  18. Thanks mate, just bagged one for £25. Why did I not know about this site before???? Looks like when I'm ready to upgrade the mount I'll be cobbling it together with bits from Astroboot!!!
  19. Hey Rob, that's the chap. Fingers crossed, I have Steve from FLO on the case trying to source one.
  20. Thanks mate. But what's worrying me is it says they're for eq5 and 6. I'm concerned they won't fit. Does anyone have one and if so can they tell me the distance between centres of the holes for fitting to the saddle
  21. Evening all, I have a skywatcher 120 newt on a skywatcher EQ2 and one of the ends has sheared off the dovetail bar. Whats the cheapest replacement? I assume it'll be a similar, single bar that the rings mount onto, in which case what am I looking for as skywatcher only seem to have them specifically made for the eq5. Bear in mind there's a nut sticking up out of the saddle, and the holes for the nuts which fix it to the saddle are about 59mm apart at centre. Anyone know of a product that'll do it for me? I wouldn't mind moving to a 'system' as long as the price is reasonable
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