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  1. I’ve just been out under steady seeing, imaging and observing. Lovely evening. I thought I’d have a go at some smartphone imaging to end the night. I don’t know how these will look on a proper screen as I’ve only seen them on the phone. First one is with no scope, just the phone. Second two are using the mak and the phone. Captured in RAW using procam 5 and tweaked with ps express.
  2. The realms of the weird version is pushing it a bit into my territory ?
  3. Good stuff Grant, appreciate the work you chaps do to give us reprobates somewhere to keep us off the streets ?
  4. Stacked 50 of 150 frames captured as the sun was setting.
  5. Cracking shots Stu, very nicely done.
  6. And a star about half a second away from being occulted. Single shot, D3200 on the Mak 102.
  7. Different images of course. I was out tonight (18th May) observing the crescent moon after sunset and took a few wide snaps of the Moon, lovely as always. Also the Moon and Venus, a poor attempt at focus stacking with a tree and Jupiter along with the Galilean moons with a 200mm. Jupiter rising over the rooftops. Overexposed believe it or not, so the moons have trailed. The Moon and Venus With earthshine and without Erm... Focus stacking... or not.
  8. It certainly is sky Safari, and you certainly should get a copy, it's a very useful app.
  9. I also observed through bins, plus a few shaky handheld shots. Beautiful.
  10. I was at the AS monthly talk so missed this. Nice to see 'block 5' did it's job successfully though.
  11. Da yoof of today eh! Cracking MW shot tho Dan.
  12. Nope. Thought about it but I’m doing some research for a talk this evening. There’s a good week ahead for Jupiter though. Opposition, a fair few transits too. And me with a week off from Wednesday. ?
  13. Same here the night before Stu, awful early on and improved slightly later, but not much. Nice to see it's not just me
  14. Nowt dodgy about that Dave, nicely done.
  15. It's a japanese flag (see attachment! ) Seriously though it's not Nibiru as everybody else has said. It's the sun behind cloud of varying density affecting the degree to which the light is scattered. If it were Nibiru, not only would you expect to see a phase, but it would be absolutely massive, and emitting a lot of light to account for this image. There would be other signs of its presence/existence
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