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  1. Every day's a school day. Thanks Dave. Said you shouldn't pay me any mind!!!
  2. You don't want to listen to me but it seems quite low. I haven't studied the ISS orbital pattern in detail but I don't recall ever seeing it that low (as it seems to me anyway) at UK&I lattitude. Anyhoo as I said I'm probably wrong. Nice captures though despite the focus issues. You could try superimposing the star field from the first one over the foreground of the last one as long as you're not a purist of course and don't mind a bit of photoshop/GIMP
  3. Just a quick session last night, Wanted to try and image the GRS and shadow transit which was a bit of a disaster, but not unexpected - limitations of the equipment. I like to push the boundaries and I think they've now started pushing back I imaged using the webcam in the 2xBarlow supplied with the scope, less said the better! Anyhoo, once I got some video recorded I then spent 50 minutes at the eyepiece observing at the eyepiece and it was delightful. All mainly observed at 10mm, although I did struggle with the same in the 2xBarlow for some reason (conditions and it being quite early so not being completely dark yet so I don't think contrast was perfect - I might be wrong) GRS stood out, even before my eye was in, a vibrant orange/red on the small disc. Some detail/structure in the NEB and SEB including an oval intersecting the NEB from above. Also very faint hints of the equatorial belt. I could have stayed out longer but after 50 minutes it got mushy and I couldn't concentrate hard enough. It does continue to astonish me the detail you see when you put the effort in, even with my mediocre instrument/kit.
  4. For all the faults you pick, that's lovely Michael. Considering conditions and all.
  5. Cracking images, love the comparison, especially in 104.
  6. Giant flesh eating spiders the size of the moon! Impressive images Daz, love the 3rd one.
  7. The new AR looks fairly big. Nice images.
  8. Thanks Robin, I'll check out Gary's Site. Out of interest I went out again tonight for the GRS - Cheers @Stu. And all I ended up with was the attached. I like it but it's pretty extreme. If I stacked colour video there was no detail whatever I did, but I was able to split the channels in Pipp and then stacked the green channel which was tidier than the other 2. With a bit of mucking around was able to coax out the GRS and some festoons/belts. I know it's got everything wrong with it but I'm quite pleased actually!!! Time to save for a decent mount and camera methinks.
  9. There's an interesting discussion here that may help you get your head around it. It did me.... Kind of...
  10. I present my first go at Jupiter, imaged with a modded lifecam VX-3000 through my Skywatcher 130. I'd love a better camera, but the investment is pointless until I have a decent mount. 'Orrible conditions and I don't think I had focus bang on, but after about a million hours with Pipp, AS!2, Registax and Photoshop I have something resembling a planet. In Sharpcap I had to turn exposure and brightness right down and gamma right up to avoid capturing a big bright white ball which I think contributed to the lack of detail captured - any ideas anyone?
  11. That's a lovely sketch Pat.
  12. Great report. very envious as work commitments have had me away to bed early the last few nights and the forecast is nowt but here tonight. Having observed M13 for the first time last week I've quite got the bug for globulars.
  13. But for all that against you you've captured some nice detail,lovely sketch.
  14. Mate my mind's eye is gin addled too so we could both be wrong and it'll be green. We should ask someone who doesn't have a drink problem
  15. Maybe it's a bias/preconception and it looks like that to me because that's what I think/expect it to look like but yes, naked eye, I see what looks like an Orange star, and it definitely was Jupiter I was looking at, it had bands and moons and everything Makes sense about splitting doubles though, thanks for setting me right. Clear Skies
  16. I noticed a gap between the 'orribles just before they were due to exit the disc according to Skysafari, setup in double quick time and guess what - gap gone. Most annoyed. Plenty more opportunities to be had I'm sure though. Glad you chaps had good views though.
  17. Not on your nelly here, hope you have a good session though Stu.
  18. In the short time I've been at it the forum has been fantastic and I honestly can't think of anything else the management/admins could do. The structure is perfect so I've known where to post questions and where to look for info and the community is welcoming and friendly. So the only feedback I've got is keep it as it is
  19. Loved the original, love it even more now the 'faint bits' are popping out. Lovely image.
  20. That will be my next night out I reckon, I'm going to see how many GCs and OCs I can get into one session. Won't be tonight though, not a patch of clear sky.
  21. Not that my opinion is to be trusted, but the first thought in my head is 'pretty', nice composition, nice sharp stars (to my eyes anyway). I like the detail in M82's core.
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