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  1. I had a bit of cloud this evening but it cleared in time to grab a quick 100 frames. 50 processed with Pipp>AS!3>IMPPG. Heat rising, high haze, low moon - surprised there's any detail at all to be honest
  2. Them'll do nicely considering Trevor, nice set.
  3. Silly me. You’re right of course. I thought about Zubenelgenubi when I was prepping the shot but decided to crop tight to Jupiter for a bigger image so you could see the moons.
  4. Nicely done. I bet they're there if you stretch them, especially the 300mm.
  5. Yep, Ganymede unless I'm much mistaken. and that's how one of my shots looked (minus cloud ) before I combined them so nowt wrong with it at all.
  6. Cheers Dave, although I'm pleased with the image I'm kind of wishing I hadn't bothered as by the time I was done processing it and I was ready to go out for some proper lunar it was all cloudy. Sod's law really.
  7. Thanks Sunshine, it is a little isn't it. HDR applied to lunar and planetary imaging
  8. Two exposures with the 200mm, both at F9/ISO 100. One at 1/2s and the other at 1/200s to expose for the Jovian system and our Moon separately. Then some layer masking and levels adjustments in Photoshop, job done. It's got novelty value
  9. I'd like to see Michael Morris do his Lunar geology talk, I missed it last year
  10. Booked, for the 3 main nights, can't wait to see you all, and of course some clear skies!
  11. That's a cracker, craterlets in Plato, a smidge of the rille in the alpine valley, facets on Mons Pico and that's just from first looking. I'll be exploring this one for a while.
  12. Thanks both. A bit closer again. It’s difficult with such a small exit pupil but notice Rupes Recta! Lovely. Anyhoo back to observing
  13. Again, I don’t know how it’ll look on a big screen but I’m observing tonight and it’s too nice not to image
  14. Nice images. Lots of detail.
  15. Plus a contender for the world's longest thread title. Full disks are all 100 of 300 still frames, close ups 300 of 3000 video frames with the D3200 on the Skymax 102. Pipp>AS!3>IMPPG>Photoshop. Mono RGB versions with the contrast and saturation pushed. Close ups.
  16. Absolutely outstanding. You can definitely see a portion of the rille. Was this handheld or do you have a holder?
  17. Somebody told me there was a prize for this. Where do I put my address for the cheque? ?
  18. Yes I wear specs, but observe without. But I do focus with them on for phone imaging. Any lack of focus is due to my hand wobbling around. You can rest your hand on the eyepiece/diagonal but sometimes you still get a little movement when you press the button. I'm thinking about getting one of the little phone holders for fun. Surely to do so after the judge suggested with a wink that I do would raise questions in the house. Improper I say! ?
  19. I agree now I'm looking on the mac, where do I get my chufty badge? I may remove the first one, it's offensive
  20. Thanks Gus, the seeing helped I think, Before this I was observing at 216x and it was rock steady. Then you just need a steady hand.
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