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  1. Capture was easy but processing was a pain. I took it because it was super hazy so there was no point doing proper work. The haze helped to dim the moon a little I think which made it easier to stretch the shadows without introducing too much noise.
  2. Little and large! 50 frames of 100 for each.
  3. I knew Percival was onto something This is a marvellous find though.
  4. Nice shots Charl. It was hazy here hence the shot I posted last night.
  5. See what I did there?
  6. A few shots while the Moon was very low. A wide colourful one and a larger mono. The small one is 30 frames at 400mm, the larger one is 10 frames, with the skymax 102 at 1300mm
  7. Totality is visible in the uk from the time it rises (21:00 in Plymouth) until an hour later.
  8. That was my plan B for the next pass an hour later when ISS would pass within 1 degree of Vega but the clouds had come in by then.
  9. I was daft enough to imagine that I could image the ISS at approx 4000mm FL, tracking it by eye. But I did it anyway and all I got was 8 frames of blur! I think I can do it next time though, the key will be to make sure the finder is well aligned, press record and use the finder to track ahead of it far enough so that I can stop and let the vibrations settle. So, for your entertainment pleasure:
  10. I've not been able to take much advantage of all of these clear skies we've had as I've been working late. But last night I was able to get out. Sod's law it was cloudy to start with but it cleared. The seeing was terrible though. I captured loads of data, but only ended up with to decent images. All done with the Skymax and Nikon.
  11. Arduino suits me too and I may know an organisation that may be interested. We’d also have to allow for radio frequency allocation cost. I believe that’s about £250 application fee and £600 p/a license fee.
  12. Not important, the bar has some lovely ales! ?
  13. Bookmarked, thanks John. Dare I say, I'm actually looking forward to one of those.
  14. I'm in, I'll write some of the code as well if you like.
  15. That’s great news, cracking image too. You must be very proud. Has anybody else noticed that Olly is Irish now? And IC342 has grown to replace an entire constellation as well ?
  16. Did anybody else spot this today? I was looking for the crescent Moon and Venus (which I found, no problem) Iridium 7, about 7 degrees from the Sun, it peaked at 16:48:01 at mag -6.3 according to SkySafari. Never seen one that bright in full daylight before.
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