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  1. I'll get the ball rolling then. Here's a quick go at it. Integrated using APP and PP with Photoshop. I combined the Ha but I'm not sure I did a very good job.
  2. I enjoyed views through the binos as well, very nice. And grabbed a quick snap of the pair over the city at 50mm.
  3. Oops, I went looking for some Ha on M8 last night to add to a project and discovered the insanely small FOV! Still, as you say, nice to have the centre.
  4. Ooh. I’m collecting data on NGC253 with Slooh’s 1m telescope. It’ll be interesting to compare the 2 and to have some Ha.
  5. Something like that. Sunrise over Plymouth would be incorrect after all!
  6. I've just been made 'Leader' of the D&C club and I'd like to drum up a little interest. I'd like to see some activity in here! So, I'm trawling through the old posts from before it was converted to a 'club' and sending out invites to members who reside in the region. I'd like members in the area to get to know each other, and see if we can turn this into a thriving observing/imaging group. Feel free to chip in with ideas for how we use this resource as well. So, if you receive an invite, please accept, pop in and say hello
  7. Here's another quick time-lapse of last night's sunset. Captured about half an hour after the sequence I posted before when the colour was at it's peak. There are only 20 frames though because I wasn't actually intending to capture a time-lapse, I just left the intervalometer capturing frames so I could pick the one with the best colour. They all have gorgeous colour so I decided to do this, and I went to town with it!
  8. Drat, we’re leaving this morning. Hope you get something done in the cafe! I’ll chip in once you get things going on here.
  9. Oh good. I’d hate to drown on my last night! ?
  10. I'll do it. And I'll even try to drum up a bit of interest as well, get some activity going. The last proper post in here was 9 months ago!
  11. here, here. Outstanding event, cracking company, the talks were excellent and I even managed to split some doubles between last night's clouds. Off home tomorrow, see you all next year.
  12. The gorgeous sunset this evening almost compensated for the lack of stargazing. The most excellent talks most certainly compensated for it!
  13. As suggested by @PhotoGav, before and after the flood. I've increased the exposure on the before shot from friday night just so you can see where the bank on the other side used to be!
  14. Ditto @astrolunartick's dob. The Veil was stunning, as is this amazing instrument.
  15. johnfosteruk

    SGL Curry

    It certainly was, the curry was a bit spicy this year, which is good, unless you're The Present Mrs Foster! She's boycotting next year's curry
  16. Fingers crossed for Sunday still Ron, it's just a shame some people return home on Sunday!
  17. It's fairly sheltered but still getting a few gusts. The tent is quite robust though, so it's all good!
  18. Stormy skies over the Wye. 18mm, 40s, ISO400, F8, 16:9 crop. Wind very much in evidence in this shot! As it was in the marquee.
  19. Pitched this in about 45 mins. It’s windy but not too bad!
  20. Orf we go! See you all in 3 hours hopefully.
  21. Useful summary and insight (as always) from Mr Manley.
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