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  1. Just a quick 30 x 1 min exposures on M42 Two slightly different edits, not sure which one I like the best. Thanks for looking
  2. I got around 2 hours worth of exposures tonight but sadly only around 25 mins was any good, lots of tracking errors. I think its time to bite the bullet and get a guiding setup. Some nights I can get 4 min subs with my HEQ5 unguided unfortunately tonight wasn't one of those nights, I was throwing away 2/3 at 60 secs even after a nice sharp line on 6 min DARV. But anyway heres what I managed to come up with on a mix of 120 sec, 90 sec, and 60 sec subs on M31. 25 mins of exposure taken with Canon 100D, through an Equinox 80, mounted on HEQ5 Pro, ISO 400 and edited in Phtoshop CC. 2
  3. Had a quick go of M45 a couple of nights ago, 25 x 1 minute exposures, taken with unmodded Canon d100 (ISO 400) through an Equinox 80ED Pro, on a HEQ5 from my light polluted back garden in Liverpool. Slightly over processed (halo's on the stars) and my flats didn't work very well Any criticisms are very welcome
  4. Problem solved! Thx for the help!
  5. Thx for the quick reply. Will check this out now
  6. Having some problems with EQmod, haven't used my scope in a few weeks, setup last night as I usually do but laptop wont connect to mount. When I open EQmod the control panel flashes up on the screen in two different places, wont stay open continuously and ATP cannot find the mount. Tried a reinstall and ran diagnostics to no avail. Using ATP, EQmod, Windows 8.1, Mount is HEQ5 Any help is much appreciated
  7. Thx Seb Thx Gina, I have tried using higher ISO but the images look really washed out and lacking detail, I had wandered if they would look better when stacked and processed? If so will definitely try the higher ISO when I get round to capturing more data on this target. Think I'm going to try to get at least 5-6 hours total on this before I move onto something new. The difference from 1.5 hours to 3.5 hours was very noticeable, I'm anxious to see what it would look like with twice the amount of data.
  8. Thx Andy, your help and praise is really appreciated. Just had another crack at the first stacking technique. This is probably my favourite so far, it looks vaguely like some of the much better attempts from this forum that inspired me to try capture this target in the first place. I tried making the adjustments in much smaller increments this time and I think it worked well. Although my processing still needs a lot of work I think I will take your advice to capture some more data on this next time we get some clear sky. Again I cant thank everyone enough for the help
  9. Thx a lot for the advice, I think the simple act of cropping the stacking artefacts out of the image helped a lot with the processing, I had a feeling it was something simple I was missing. So after taking your advice here is my latest attempt at processing Ive got two different stacks as I'm still experimenting as to what works best on that side of things so heres the two attempts. I think I prefer the first one, but am still undecided. There is still a lot more faint stuff in the data that is beyond my processing skills to bring out. I can see it while I am pulling it
  10. Thanks for taking the time to explain things for me, maybe I'm doing something wrong but when I stretch the data there always seems to be a little bit of data at the left hand side that I cant help but clip if I want to move the left slider
  11. Got a sneaky hour or so worth of data to add to this tonight. Made a quick stack and process of it. 3rd time lucky hopefully, 3 hr 30 mins of 180s subs 70 in total, 15 darks, 30 flats. I think there is a lot more data hiding in this image than I'm able to bring out. Criticism welcome
  12. Took everybody's advice on board and came up with this, just not sure if its better or worse. I think the colour is much better but it hasn't got as much detail? Thx for the input :)
  13. The blue is definitely a little strong, was a quick process at 2am was eager to see what I had captured. I'm going to have another crack at the processing shortly. Hopefully get some more data tonight if the weather is cooperating. IIRC I upped the blue to bring the nebula out more, still learning on the processing definitely my weak point Thx for the input guys !
  14. Longest image I've done since I started AP a few months ago, 2 hours and 9 minutes in 180s subs at ISO 400. Equipment used - SW Equinox 80, HEQ5, Canon 100D, stacked in DSS and processed in Photoshop CC Its not the finished article by a long way, looks a very grainy to me, probably down to my inept processing skills haha. Any constructive criticism is very welcome. Thx for looking
  15. Thx for the help anyway m8 maybe someone else will pop in with an answer
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