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  1. Thanks, how does this attach to the eyepiece?
  2. Could you post a link to a decent-ish cheap filter?
  3. I have the skywatcher 150p... I got a 10mm plossl lens that I like to use with it but sometimes there is just to much light and I feel this blurs out the image, especially when looking at Jupiter. it does tips on most of my lenses. Help would be great!
  4. I've got a 200p dob and was just wondering what the smallest mm eye lens I could use with a 2x Barlow lens? I struggle with the focusing! I've got one 10mm plosl lens that I bought off someone on here as well! Also, andromeda never looks very big through it either, how should it look? Anybody have example images of what I should be able too see through it?
  5. I have a Skywatcher 200p Dob Scope, which is great. And I also have this: Astro Engineering PH047 Ultra Afocal Digital Camera Support So, I am managing to get some pics of the moon quite good, but obviously when at a high magnification the object moves to quick! So, I have had a go at videoing instead of taking a picture. And then using Registax to get the frames from the video? Is this correct? Would I be better getting a miniHD video cam, or a webcam that is tripod mountable?
  6. So, my 150p I ordered from FLO yesterday arrive this morning by FedEx. Great that it was next day delivery, what was even better was the fact it was delivered at 6:45am! That is unheard of lol! Even better as everyone was off out for work so there was going to be no 'Attempted Delivery' note left... So, as I was on 10-6 shifts at work this week I went back to bed for an hour, it was so hard to resist setting it up lol! But it gives me something look forward to after work! At the moment I'm excited to start using it but wary of the weather, as it looks as though it could be cloudy. Which would be so unfortunate! As for the past 2 weeks it been pretty much clear nand I've been able to see Jupiter in the sky vert clearly, but had no telescope! So now I've got one its sods law that tonight its going to be cloudy here in Stoke! Going to be keeping an eye on the weather all day!
  7. Thanks, just waiting on some contact from FLO now to see if you can do me a deal or something!
  8. Judging by what's been said on here I'll be more than happy to go with the 200P Dob. I want to see planets in a bit more detail, and the moon, and some of these DSO's... Not been able to see them with the scope I currently have. In tersms of imaging... Its not the main use which I want it, but I would like to just stick my digital camera in the eyepiece and get a quick shot occasionally, nothing spectacular though.
  9. Looking at planets mainly, to get some nice views etc... Star clusters perhaps.
  10. Other than the 200p Dob what would people recommend?
  11. I do intend on imaging occasionally, I have seen a mount that can be mounted to any telescope as long as it is a 1.25" eyepiece. Would this work? Also says there is a direct SLR mount? (Not that I have an SLR lol)
  12. What telescope would be the best in this price range? Want the best magnification etc possible... Looking myself the Skywatcher 200p Dob looks a good bet?
  13. Oh I see now, what makes the 130P better? And is it a big difference, I may not necessarily need the motor but it would be cool lol:P The main thing for me is getting the max I can for the money! So is the 130P noticeably better? Thanks for the quick reply!
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