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  1. hi thanks far that cheers start to run my brain around it lol
  2. what does m6 m8 etc mean it sound like motor ways to me lol
  3. sent u a msg a few days ago did u recieve it cheers keeny


  4. hi just got my pc done ,ok right a few days ago i looked at a bright star through my telescope [celestron powerseeker 70az], i used my barlow 3x lens with eye piece 20mm it just look like looking at bacterear through a miroscope on a pallet, well as im new to this anybody can explain this to me what wud this star be many thanks ...
  5. sorry as am a newbie cant av read it thought it was recent
  6. will we still be able to use our password and username......
  7. hi everybody im new here, just a question, the finderscope when i look through it it gives me a up side down vision why this is it normal or faulty and what is it far, what does it do to me its like a scope on a rifle like pick up target then look through main telescope im i right or wrong please can some one tel me many thanks who can...............
  8. keeny

    hello, newbie here

    like to thank u all who got back to me , yes im putting my feet up and looking at the freedom above.........
  9. hi im keeny in yorkshire just like to say nice to be on this forum, im very new to all this but ive always been interested in astronomy so please be easy on me, lol just got a small lelescope bought so will be asking questions soon bye. hope ive put this in the welcome if not please rectify far me thanks, bye far now.....
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