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  1. Would a video of the object and use a software to stack the frames work better?
  2. Hi Rich sorry i forgot to mention i have a Astrozap Baader Solar Filter as well. thank you for that i will start with the moon.
  3. I have been interested in photography for many years, mainly wildlife photography plus a few star trails so when i received my first telescope for Christmas i instantly thought i need to start photographing the sky. So decided to purchase This Its only a cheap one but i hope it dose the job. I cant wait for a few clear nights so i can get my Canon 7D on to my Sky-Watcher 100P Dob. As i have never done anything like this before dose anyone have any advise to get the best quality photos? im hoping to take photos of the Sun, Mars, Jupiter the Andromeda galaxy (if i can) or am i aiming to high?
  4. Thank you all for you input. i am looking forward to having a play with my filter.
  5. I have just had a look at Barn door mounts and they look like a grate idea, and cheap to.
  6. Hello Tom and Welcome to SGL.
  7. Mr__W1zz4rd

    Hi All!

    Greetings from Nottingham, England
  8. Thanks Neil, I might look at getting one of these AZ GOTO mounts at some stage.
  9. Thanks Peter that is greatly appreciated. i do not have a tracking mount but i do have a very heavy tripod so should be ok stability wise.
  10. Hi Guys Forgive me im still new to this but i have a question regarding putting a DSLR onto a Dob 1.25" EP. I have a Sky-Watcher 100P and a Canon 7D Mk1 DSLR. I am thinking about getting a T-Mount to do some astro-photography. Im i right in thinking that a normal EP aids in the magnification: Magnification = Telescope focal length (mm) ÷ Eyepiece focal length (mm). The T-Mounts i have been looking at replaces the EP completly leaving a hollow tube between the Camera and the Secondary Mirror. Am i right in thinking that this will have a detrimental affect on image quality and magnification? So
  11. Hi Derek It is a solid tube, i have the Sky-Watcher HERITAGE 100P table top Dob. Yes mine has a removable 2" cap as well so i will look into doing that. Thank you.
  12. That you all for your info on this topic. Im thinking of getting a Baader 81-113 adjustable solar cap for my 100mm dob and make a step down cone to 77mm for my 300mm f4 L canon lense. Dave i have been reading up on this type of filter and it looks fantastic so i will be looking at getting one of these also in the new year, thank you for your reply.
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