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  1. dobs are not great for astrophotography and aperture is king, bigger the better. collimation can be a daunting task to start with but its pretty straight forward, astrobabys guide to collimation is a great read. i think, if i was in your shoes, with more an interest in planetary and lunar work with occasional DSO's, i would be looking at the skymax range or the omni xlt mac, (they are pretty much the same)
  2. you should get two stock EP's with the telescope anyway, a 10mm and a 25mm plossl, now they arnt super smashing great but they will put you on for a wee while
  3. it is the extra light gather that makes it for me, there have been times when i think, should have bought the 102 (apeture fever) the 90 and the 102 both have 1.25" fit and to be honest, i havnt come across any decent EP's higher than 32mm. if you do decide on the mak90, dont bother with EP's lower than 10mm, the mags are just too high (in my opinion) for the little pup. a 25mm, 18mm, 12mm should do you proud and maybe a decent 32mm if your feeling like spoiling yourself
  4. i have the 90 as my grab n go, the EQ1 will be fine, the 90 isnt that heavy at all. my horizon 8115 takes the 90 with no issues at all and the EQ1 is more substantial. i do think the 102 mak is better value for money mind, the 90 is a good telescope none the less
  5. i would go for the nexstar, i hear poor rumblings about meade's mountings and only good things on the SE's
  6. these are regarded nicely First Light Optics - Vixen NPL eyepieces
  7. the 12mm Xcel LX is a corker, whats your budget? (if you dont mind me asking)
  8. enjoyed it, i have had others that were previously "not bothered" about such stuff, ask me about it now so i think it is doing good. Said before, i would have like more "time at the eyepiece" and i think the trips to the southern hemisphere could have been dropped. All in all, i am looking forwards to the next series
  9. i am enjoying it, i am also enjoying the fact people at work are asking me things on the astro front because of the show (not that i claim i am an expert) cant wait for next years, just hope they decide to stick to northern hemisphere targets, you know, the stuff we all can get to see without a plane ticket
  10. over the past two days, a few channels have been going down, temporary interference, i find if you switch channels for a moment and go back, it settles
  11. i like the celestron X-cel LX's, easy to look through and very comfortable, they perform very well at f5 too (fast scope's tend to need better EP's) you can pick them up for £70 a pop (ish) http://www.firstlightoptics.com/celestron-eyepieces/celestron-x-cel-lx-eyepiece.html
  12. i just hope its on the net, i have to work (pfft)
  13. there are loads of take micks on youtube, some are hilarious i think the show was good and the presenting was good by those that presented it. some people like him, others less so but....... the show was good. some more time at the eyepiece would have been nice and the jaunt down to the southern hemisphere was a tad naff (they want a show down there then make one) the show in my view should have concentrated on what anybody can see from their own back yard (so to speak)
  14. it will be good on the brighter DSO's, that telescope and the parabolic version has had some fine reviews
  15. best and easiest solution in my mind is good quality down lighters, if we had those that would be great, the problem is, again in my view, too much light going upwards so get the light going in the right direction and problem solved. we dont need all the lights turning off....... many people think when we talk of light pollution, we mean rip out all sources of light...... thats just not the case. anybody remember the case picture for the exorcist? thats a down lighter (in my opinion)
  16. First Light Optics - Skywatcher Heritage 130p Flextube if you can stretch a bit more First Light Optics - Skywatcher Skyliner 150P Dobsonian great little starters, you will see more with the 150 as aperture is, as they all say, king. you will get some supplied EPs, not fantastic but good enough to get you going
  17. Pound to a penny he takes sky at night (when the time comes) and i dont mean any disrespect when i say that
  18. rusoptics.com: day & night vision binoculars, goggles, monoculars, scopes, microscopes, camera lenses, telescopes, illuminators, thermal cameras and other Russian optics... Wow, thats the first link i have posted with a phone, hope it works!
  19. Lol, not sure if thats with a mount im on the mobile, let me see if i can post a link
  20. Evenita ltd, tiz a tinternet shop, cypriot i think
  21. Try rusoptics.com, 125r is about $1650 i think
  22. good write up, i take it you are happy with the decision to buy then
  23. the Xcel LX works a treat in my f5, only the extreme edge is ever so slightly off and i mean to notice would be picky, they are good this result was with the 12mm LX
  24. Cheers chaps, i think it may be easier to go for the flex and used the flatpack base as a template on other material. Its the base that bugs me, i hear its MDF or coated chipboard or something of the like. Its the reason i steered off dobs in the first place, my observing area can be quite moist. hmm, more thought i think
  25. If giving one of the local scratters a fiver whilst singing your woes and pointing in the right direction is "not acceptable" (lol) the above is what i recommend too
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